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Term Insurance

Get the best rates for your Term Insurance

What is Term Insurance?

Term Insurance is life insurance plan which will provide financial coverage to the beneficiary of the insured person for a definite period of time. The nominee can be able to claim death benefits from the insurance company in the event of death of term insurance policyholder during policy term. The death benefit is payable to the beneficiary who is usually a family member. Lump-sum amount or a combination of lump-sum and monthly amount can be provided as per the requirement. Some Insurance Companies covers partial disability or permanent which results in ruination of the policyholder’s regular income.

Note: In case of survival of the policyholder the coverage at the earlier rate of premiums will not guaranteed after policy is expired. The buyer either has to obtain extended coverage with different payment condition or else waive the coverage entirely icon.

Why You Should Buy Term Insurance?

Never be short-sighted. Secure your family’s future with term insurance. In the event of an unpredicted situation there will be no one to take responsibility that is why term insurance is important. The lumpsum given to family will be as death benefit can bring financial security and will help to pay off the liabilities. If you are the bread earner of the family it will be strong support for them.

Term Insurance Plans in India

InsurersTerm PlansMaximum MaturityMin Sum AssuredClaim SettlementPremium (for cover amount 1cr.)
HDFC Life3D Plus Life Option70 yearsRs. 25 L97%Rs. 1073/month
MAXOnline Term Plus One Time Lumpsum Plan70 yearsRs. 25 L97%Rs. 893/month
Aegon ReligareiTerm100 yearsRs. 25 L97%Rs. 1286/month
PNB MetlifeMera Term Plan-Full Lumpsum payout99 yearsRs. 10 L91%Rs. 1401/month
Bharti Axaonline term + Lumsum85 yearsRs. 50 L90%Rs. 1509/month
ICICIiProtect Smart Lumpsum75 yearsNA96%Rs. 1238/month
BAJAJeTouch Lump Sum70 yearsRs. 50 L91%Rs. 1266/month
AVIVAiLife Total Protect75 yearsRs. 50 L90%Rs. 1114/month
Edelweiss TokioTotalSecure+ Lump sum80 yearsRs. 25 L93%Rs. 12541/year
Birla Sun LifeLife BSLI Protect@Ease Lump Sum70 yearsRs. 30 L94%Rs. 1070/month
Edelweiss TokioMyLife+ Lump sum80 yearsRs. 25 L93%Rs. 1046/month
Aegon ReligareLife Plus80 yearsNA97%Rs. 999/month
Aegon ReligareLife & Health80 yearsNA97%Rs. 985/month
Aegon ReligareLife & Health Plus80 yearsNA97%Rs. 999/month
Aegon ReligareLife80 yearsNA97%Rs. 985/month
SBIeShield60 yearsNA96%Rs. 943/month
FGGenerali Flexi Online Term-Lumpsum75 yearsRs. 50 L89%Rs. 904/month
DHFLDHFL Life75 yearsRs. 25 L90%Rs. 903/month
KOTAKe-Term75 yearsRs. 25 L91%Rs. 872/month
TATA AIATata Sampoorna Raksha Lumpsum70 yearsRs. 50 L96%Rs. 865/month
HSBCiSelect Lumpsum70 yearsRs. 25 L94%Rs. 854/month

Premium Payment Mode: Single | Regular – Yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, and monthly.

Term insurance gives flexible plan options to match the need of every individual. You can choose:

  • The amount of preferred sum assured.
  • Premium payment option which can be either one-time or regular.
  • Term of the policy.
  • Add on protection

Benefits of Term Insurance Plan

  • Get lumpsum amount in case of sudden death.
  • Pay off all your liabilities and loans.
  • Helps your family to live with pride.
  • It also takes care of family in case of your disability or critical illness.
  • Provides additional income in case of loss of income due to accidental illness or diability.
  • Get lumpsum amount if critical illness is determined.
  • Additional sum insured in case of accidental death icon.

Key Features of Term Life Insurance Plans

There are various benefits of the term insurance policy like-

Affordable Premium Option

Term Insurance policy premium provides the lowest premium options. The policyholder can choose a premium amount according to your suitability. The premium can be paid in a single payment or either monthly, quarterly or annually.

Return more than the Investment

Some customer face the difficulty that with zero return on the survival of the term in the term insurance policy one should buy or not? So in that case policyholder should choose the company which will give the return of the entire policy premium amount paid by the policyholder under the tenure of the term insurance plan. This will be covered under the term return of premium plan of the company.

Multiple Options

Insurance companies provides the policyholders with the option of various term plans. The policyholder can choose for the term insurance policy as per the need. One can choose from the single or joint life term insurance plans. In case of a change in the marital status, the policyholder can extend the policy for the spouse.

Add – on benefits

There are many benefits that are not covered by the term insurance plans for the individual. Insurance companies recognize the need for the policyholder and they provide various add-on plans as per the need of the customer. Premium amount hike with the add-on in the policy that provides cover for the cases like permanent disability,critical illness and accidental death.

Death Benefits

All forms of death are covered (even terrorist attacks)

* *Note: In the event of the death of the insured by suicide within the first year of the policy or with 1 year of the date of renewal of the death benefits provided are not applicable.

Tax savings

The premium amounts paid where payouts are made in the case of death are free of tax. In a legal way there are various acts of the Income Tax Act under which term insurance plan covered and thus one enjoy the benefit of free of tax policy.

How to Select the Best Term Insurance Plan:

Company reliability: The company’s solidity and position are very important in any sector of business especially life insurance to gain the trust of customers. The position in the household sector, the FICO score on their funds gathered.

Expenses: We realize that costs have an important role to play in terms of safety plans. Hence, search for plans with the least costs which leads to less premiums in the same cover or you can choose a company which provides discounted premiums to no smokers.

Convenience: Over the range of life coverage plans, one can find the term plans online which shows the most extreme enhancement. For one, price and by additional premium rates have been lowered appreciably and this process is on.

Enhanced Cover: It is a unique option given by the online terms plans of specific insurers the chance to improve their life cover at their difficult situations of the life of the policyholder.

Claim settlement ratio: The proportion explains what numbers of settlements have been done per 100 claims. Hence, claim settlement proportion of 100% indicates that the organization has settled each claim.

Solvency ratio: The constancy and financial goodwill of the insurance agency are shown by its solvency ratio. It provides understandable picture whether it can make reasonable pending claims and develop the business without becoming insolvent

Riders: The one who gives you all secured edges is the best term insurance plan for you. One approach to reach this is through riders. An insurance rider is an extra to the essential plan that offers benefits far beyond the subject of the policy.

Term Insurance India – Types of Plans

Term insurance plan is a policy that will charge only for the cost of insurance that you need to secure your family. However, still under the same there are many alternatives accessible that you can find as per your needs.

Pure term plan

It is the easiest and the cheapest form of term insurance plan. In this the insurance company will pay a fixed sum assured amount to the heir or applicant in case of death of policyholder. Although in such cases where the insured survives, he/she will not be getting anything in return. Usually, the premium for term plans depends upon three things that includes age, term of the policy and the sum assured you choose. The term plans are cheapest insurance product, still you can get a discount if you buy them online.

Return of premium plan

It is true that not everyone would be fine with the concept of paying for years and will get nothing in the end. Return of premium plan is for those people. Investing in this plan would be little expensive as compared and under the same you will surely get a return of premium. Under this plan, the insured will surely get a return at the end of the policy, but in case he dies during the policy term then the nominee would be receiving the sum assured amount.

Decreasing plan

Under the decreasing form of term insurance plan, the sum assured decreases every year just like the pending loan amount. You can buy this plan at very less charges as the sum assured will decrease every year. Banks usually collect the single premium type of this plan and pay the premium on behalf of you. Also the amount of premium gets included to your total debt liability, which you pay with the help of an increased EMI.

Increasing plan

Just opposite of a decreasing plan. Under this the amount of cover will increase by about 5% every year until your sum assured increase by 50% or doubles up in value. The premiums of these plans are on the higher side as the insurance company risks large amount every year.

Convertible plans

It is a combination of saving plan and a term plan. It is a plan, where you buy a term plan, which you can convert into an investment-cum-insurance plan later. However, your premium may change at the time of conversion.