Personal loans vs Business loans

Personal Loan

  • A personal loan is basically an unsecured loan which is specifically given to meet the loan seeker’s personal financial needs.
  • As in there is no restriction put on the loan seeker. So as to use the funds for a specific purpose only unlike other kinds of loans such as home loans or automobile loans etc.
  • Such a loan is granted only for buying those specific things only.

Business Loan

  • The business loan is also an unsecured loan which is given specifically to the borrowers for funding a start-up, for business expansion, to repay the previously borrowed amount spent for the business purpose.
  • It is a kind of loan which is given only for the purpose of starting a business or for its expansion.

Difference between personal loan and business loans

Personal LoanBusiness Loan
Under personal loan, if you are planning for any renovations or in dire need of money for other purposes, then it is the best loan a borrower can ask for.Business loan shall be taken only if you are an entrepreneur, then such a loan can be taken to make any sort of expenses like in personal loans
Such kind of loans are taken by the borrower so as to fund the daily life events or other personal expenses.Whereas under the business loan, are taken up so as to fund and meet the business expenses such as for its renovation, expansion etc.
The personal loans could be taken by both an employer as well as an employee.It can be taken by an entrepreneur only.
In comparison of the business loan the rate of interest are comparatively low.The rate of interest on a business loan is generally higher than the personal loan as even if there is a case of default in say 1 in 100 borrowers, then they have to regain the loss incurred by charging a higher rate of interest
Comparatively it is much easier to attain a personal loan than a business loan since in the personal loan, it can be attained by just showing the statement of account and it can be easily presumed whether the borrower would repayUnder business loan, the borrowers generally do not ask for small amounts and it increase the risk to recover the whole amount.

Other Fctors

  • Just like under personal loans no collateral is taken same as in the case of business loans too. And the factor that matters the most in attaining both kinds of loan is a high credit score.
  • The banks or financial institutions hesitate in giving business or personal loans to loan seekers who have low credit scores.
  • The credit scores are calculated by overlooking various factors such as
    • The income statement
    • Debt statement
    • Past records
    • The time taken to pay the last loan amount.

All of the above are the basic yet significant distinction between personal loans and business loans.

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