Your bills are sitting there on the counter, glaring at you. You keep on ignoring them for months, trying to find a solution to lower your debts. But all you see is them growing like a weed and putting an added pressure on your shoulders and you would love to get rid of this weed.

This added pressure on your shoulders, for no one likes that sort of pressure in any way. You have all the good intentions but you just can’t seem to handle your credit card debts and that is a cause of anger and sadness, both at the same time.

Having huge credit card loans can be scary and they keep on mounting up over and over again. You might be overwhelmed looking at the unpaid debts of yours and this might lead to many problems for you. When most of us are on the verge of defaulting on a loan, we look to pay off the dues and clear all the debts.

However, it often becomes too difficult for a person to pay off the debts with the salary he/she gets. Now, if you are wondering whether or not should you opt for a personal loan like most of the people plan to do, you’ve come to the right place.

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Things you need to do before planning to take a personal loan to pay off other debts

Check the interest rates

  • If you are thinking that personal loan rates are going to below, then you need to reconsider what you’re thinking. They can be as high as for unsecured loans.
  • However, it is still less than those compared to credit card rates.
  • It can prove profitable to you to take a personal loan to pay off your dues.
  • But if your personal loan rate is more than the existing loan rate, you will do no good to yourself but will pile up your debt faster.

Debt consolidation

  • When you have a lot of debts and loans to pay off, you can get confused and miss the dates or unable to plan your loan repayments correctly.
  • Taking a personal loan and consolidating all your debts in one can do a world of good to you.
  • It will help you focus on making one payment and one due date periodically so that you can pay your interest rates, the amount due, and so on.

Taking a personal loan

  • A personal loan is an unsecured loan and it is presumed to be less risky as compared to, say, mortgaging your house or jewelry to pay off your debts.
  • But you can only get a small amount from it. If the amount of loan is large, it may not be sufficient.
  • After considering the pros and cons, if you take a personal loan, you should take care that you take the personal loan from a well-known bank or an NBFC.

So, all we can conclude is personal loans are beneficial but they have their own limitations as well. Therefore, analyze your financial position before opting for a personal loan to clear off your existing debts. Your goal should be to be debt-free and not pile up additional debts. To compare all your available options before you decide to sign on that dotted line.

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