Getting personal loans is probably easy, but deciding where to get it from is not that simple. To make this decision easy, we have compiled a list of five best personal loan options in India and their salient features for you. We have considered important factors such as interest rates, maximum and minimum loan amount sanctioned, processing fee charged, and overall loan tenure while listing the most suitable options for you. There are various factor influence personal loan.

The nation’s one of the largest banks hope that you will call them for a quote if you are looking for a loan. Banks make money by taking in deposits and lending money at a profit, so they’re always looking for a way to put the money to work. Some of the largest banks might not offer rates competitive enough for consideration, but it doesn’t hurt to listen to their pitches. We’ve looked at some of the largest banks offer various personal loan interest rate.

Interest Rates of Top 5 Banks

Name of the bank Interest Rate Loan Amount Processing Fees Tenure

ICICI bank

11.29% onwards

Min.-Rs. 50,000 Max. -Rs. 20 lakhs

Up to 2.25%(Min- Rs.1000 & Max- Rs.25,000)

1-5 Years
SBI 12.45% – 14.95% Min. Rs. 25,000 & Max. 24 times of net monthly income 1% + ST 1-4 Years

11.90% onwards

Min. Rs. 50,000
Max. Rs. 40 lakhs or 20 times monthly salary


1-5 Years


10.99% onwards

Up to Rs. 15 lakhs

Up to 2.50%

1-5 Years

Axis Bank


Min. Rs. 50,000
Max. Rs. 15 lakh

1.50% – 2%

1-5 Years

Let’s know more about Top 5 banks:

ICICI Bank SBI Bank PNB Bank HDFC Bank Axis Bank

Personal loan on 3 categories- Wedding, holiday, and home renovation loan

Personal loan for various categories- SBI express credit, SBI Saral personal loan to pensioners & SBI festival personal loan.

A loan is offered under 2 categories- Personal loan for public & pensioners

Loan approval swiftly & minimum documentation required

Personal loans are here known for their Short Turn-Around time(TAT)

Offers loan for both salaried and self-employed individuals(eligibility varies)</p

SBI personal loan for the salaried person or self-employed individual.

Considers the income of the spouse while calculating repayment capacity.

Special offers on interest rates.

An individual with Irregular monthly income does not qualify for a loan

Easy documentation & quick repayment</p

Loan scheme can go up to 25 times of an individual’s monthly salary

Especially suitable for defense personnel, central/state government employees, and self-employees professionals.

Quick and Transparent processing

Offers Axis eDGE Reward points to a loan applicant

If still you are confused from which you should take personal loans then Finbucket can help you to co-ordinate with the above banks to get you a loan.

There are various leading banks for a personal loan