With the help of an Online PAN verification service, one can easily Know/verify the PAN card details. Both NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited and UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited (UTIITSL) have been authorized by the Government of India for providing this facility to help out the authorized entities with the PAN verification process.

Types of Online PAN verification facility

There are three types of PAN verification facility available such as:


• Under this facility, the eligible users should log in first.
• After login, they can furnish up to a maximum of five PANs on the screen and submit the same.
• Then, the details of the PAN will be displayed on the next screen.


• First, log in to the website.
• Now, upload a file containing a maximum of 1000 PANs.
• Furthermore, the system will provide the details of all the PANs within a period of 24 hours of submission.

Software (API) 

This facility acts as a link that allows the user to verify PAN via online mode by simply accessing the verification-site through a software application.

Who can avail PAN verification facility?

The followings can avail online PAN card verification facility:

• Depository Participants
• Credit information companies approved by RBI
• KYC Registration Agency (KRA)/Central KYC Registry
• Educational Institutions established by Regulatory Bodies
• Department of Commercial Taxes
• Stamp and Registration Department
• Central Vigilance Commission Insurance Company
• Insurance Repository
• Companies and Government deductor (Required to file TDS/TCS return)
Mutual Funds
Credit card Companies / Institutions
• Companies (Required to furnish Annual Information Return (AIR)/Statement of Financial Transaction (SFT)
• Stock Exchanges/Commodity Exchanges/Clearing Corporations
• Goods and Services Tax Network
• Depositories
• Government Agencies (Central/State)
• Income Tax Projects
• Reserve Bank of India
• Insurance Web Aggregator
• Non-Banking Financial Companies approved by RBI
• Central Recordkeeping Agency of National Pension System
• DSC issuing Authorities

How to avail of online PAN verification facilities?

To avail of the online PAN verification facility, an eligible entity is required to register itself online with NSDL e-Governance. Furthermore, the following details need to be provided:
• Registered name of the entity
• Valid PAN of the entity
• Status of the entity
• Contact details
• Payment mode
• Digital Signature certificate
• Certificate of Incorporation, etc.

Online PAN Verification by PAN number

• Log on to the official web-portal of NSDL/UTIITSL
• Select the type of application.
• Then enter your PAN number.
• Now, enter the Captcha Code.
• And then click on the “submit button”.
• After clicking on the submit button, the PAN verification status will be displayed on the next page.

Online PAN verification by name and date of Birth

  • Visit the official site of NSDL (e-Governance)
  • Enter the log-in credentials
  • Then, enter the following details:
    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Mobile no, etc.
    • Enter the verification code and then submit the same
    • Furthermore, you can verify the PAN card status.

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