What is AO Code?

The acronym AO stands for Assessing Officer which helps to locate the PAN Jurisdiction that the applicant will fall under while applying for PAN related services.  Details about the Area PAN Code are mandatory which is asked right at the top of the application form. AO Code is a composition of four elements.

Composition of  Area PAN Code

Sr.No. Elements Meaning
1. Area Code It helps the Indian Income Tax Department to find out the status of the applicant such as Individual, company, foreign residents, etc.
2. AO Type It helps the Indian Income Tax Department to find out the status of the applicant such as Individual, company, foreign residents, etc.
3. Range Code It helps to locate the ward or circle of the applicant in which they live in which is based upon the actual address provided by the applicant in the form.
4. AO Number It is basically a numerical value which is published by NSDL and is asked in the last part of the AO Code.

All those applicants who wish to apply for PAN or PAN related services are mandatorily required to provide the details of the AO Code in their application and this information can easily be obtained from the Indian Income Tax Department.

This AO Code is quite essential for ensuring that the Individuals and Other Business entities are taxed according to the appropriate rules and regulations of the Government of India.

Likewise, an applicant who is a resident of India would be required to pay tax according to certain definite rules while in the case of a Company the Tax rules happen to be different.

Moreover, the applicant must provide the correct AO Code otherwise the PAN may be delayed. Whenever the residential area of the PAN cardholder changes, the AO Code also changes.

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Types of AO Codes (Area PAN Code)

Basically, four main types of AO Codes help to locate the Individuals and Companies and fix them under the appropriate Tax slabs. The four main types of AO Codes are as follows:

  • International Taxation
  • Non-International Taxation(outside Mumbai)
  • Non-International Taxation Taxation(Mumbai)
  • Defense Personnel.

How to check the Area PAN Code?

The Income Tax Department has provided an easy way for PAN applicants through which they can check their AO Codes or ward Number.

The steps for checking the AO Codes are as follows:

  • Visit the official website of IncometaxIndiaefiling.
  • Now click on the Login button.
  • Then, on the next page enter User Id, Password, and Captcha Code.

  • Furthermore, click on Profile Settings and select the option “My Profile.”
  • Likewise, click on PAN card details and the following details will appear:
    •  AO Code,
    • Range Code,
    • AO Type
    • AO Number
    • Name,
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender etc.

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