What is meant by Social Media Marketing

Social Media as a Marketing tool for businesses, in 2019 and beyond, is like Oxygen is to breathe. Social media marketing is the process of gaining and promoting attention to any product or service, and connecting with a larger group of stakeholders-potential/current customers, potential/current employees, and the general public, using various social media sites.

To give a quick example, even the petty, next-door accessory sellers are using Facebook & Whatsapp Promotion to market their range of products, such as watches, bed-sheets, garments, etc.

Most social media platforms have built-in search tools, such as Comment Field, that allow customers and internet users to post content, views, and usage. These ideas help companies develop new products or even improve the current ones.

These search-tools, also, help companies in tracking the advancement, profitability, achievement, and engagement of ad campaigns.

How Social Media Marketing helps to Achieve Business Goals

The advantages of social networking are that they help a company to increase exposure and reach out to a broader consumer base. The data that is gathered by these websites, is used to understand the mindset of the customer. This understanding further back-up marketing and customer-service activities. And these customers or users are, mostly, individuals or companies, interested in the product or services on offer. Hence, reaching to them means reaching to a targeted customer base only.

As customers and users are an integral part of such campaigns, this also creates a platform for communicating, networking with them, and further marketing. All in real-time.

The data is gathered from various blogs and social media sites and analyzed to create a compelling advertising campaign.

Using various Social Media Analytics tools and the Key-words in Social media posts ease the user to reach your new web content and click through to your site.

The Comment Field makes it very easy and fast to speak about a company and everyone else about their experiences with that company, whether good or bad. The business, also, stays close to its customers and can respond or attend to customer problems to maintain or rebuild customer confidence.

Not only customers, Social Media allows a company to connect with others having interests or activities. Thus improving business processes and operations.

Having access to this strong customer base helps you boost traffic and turnover.

Benefits of advertising on Social Media

Whatever your industry, a meaningful part of your customers are on social media.

Social media marketing is, nowadays, the most powerful weapon, in increasing your reach and may bring noteworthy success to your business.

Raising brand awareness

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Raising Brand Awareness: Finbucket

Social media marketing strategy is currently the most cost-effective way to advertise. Just by investing time and efforts, you can use most of the websites, for a start, and substantially increase the traffic, generated leads, that eventually converts into a profit. The brand image reaches more audiences and gets established with fewer hassles.

Social media marketing not only helps provide good customer service and generating new leads, but it also assists in boosting the brand image and build a community that is receptive to your business.

Engaging the customers

Remember, the bigger and more engaged your online audience is, the easier it will be for you to achieve every other marketing goal on your list. On Social Media, you can create an authentic connection with the clients, as it is two-way communication. It’s easier to know their wishes and interests. And this is also a great way to convey brand messages and attract their attention.

Creating and expanding on brand identity and positive brand association

A contented customer makes the most devoted brand advocate. Always enhancing leads and sales. Bringing in remarkable success.

Improve communication with your key audience

Communication is the key-word here. It all has to be real-time interactions to keep the audience engaged with your brand and not opt to convert to other brands. E.g., many businesses are delivering on customer support, with quick message service by WhatsApp.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Get Good Reviews: Finbucket

Researching and keeping a track of the competition

This assists and provides you with data, keyword researches, and many other insights that come in handy when formulating your own strategies, it’s easier to keep a check on other businesses belonging to the same industry. To keep aware of all strategies are they adopting to keep the audience engaged.

Challenges faced while Marketing on Social Media

Though Social Media Marketing has many advantages for startups, even running Brands. But it’s also become hard for enterprises to get credibility with customers and leads.

Traffic and Platform

Policies of various social media websites are designed as to what kind of information can be shared.

The Search engine drives the most traffic to the most optimized pages, causing them to climb further on top. While the ignored pages just float there. So a business needs to devote time, efforts, and other resources to keep Planning and Posting great social content.

Consistency with the brand image

As the core identity of your business is being projected to all and sundry through social media, you need to work hard to keep it consistent, throughout the variety of the platforms available.

Failure to resolve customer’s issues

Despite following well-conceived brand guidelines, it’s not always possible that the audience doesn’t get offended. However, they lash out is wide and huge. Social Media presents a very quick podium to the customers for feeding to the world about their experience, positive or negative, with the company. So the same platforms advertise your trustworthiness.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Placating Angry Customers: Finbucket

Tracking competitors

Every day, thousands of brands are emerging, in competition with you, using these same strategies. And as you can keep up with your competitors, they are also just very nearby to you. If a particular website or technique is working for you, they’ll soon find out and may start doing the same. To keep a step ahead of them, at all times, may not always be possible.

Planning required for Social Media Marketing, for 2019

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Tools to Use and Take Maximum Advantage: Finbucket

Before beginning your advertisement campaign, consider what target you are hoping to achieve by using these tools. With this, you can plan the tools you use in achieving long-term outcomes.

What is your Business Type and Target

When you are aiming to display your brand’s image through a variety of different online platforms, all of these platforms come with their own unique environment and voice, so they all require different approaches and strategies that are uniquely formulated.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Planning to Achieve your Goals: Finbucket

Consider the audience you want to attract

Just so that whatever you are creating and posting is actually of value to your targeted audience, so it is of supreme importance that careful thought is given to this part and its quality. Further, this needs to be done regularly as the same audience is being targeted by everyone else in the business too. So your content needs to be consistent with all other areas of marketing. And it needs to be great.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Attracting and Reaching out to the Customers: Finbucket

What websites and platforms do the targeted audience use?

Whether your business needs a stronger presence in Visual or Content-driven Media, to make your marketing more effective. As leads are becoming more aware and responsive, the content that you publish creates your brand personality. So you are not delivering plain messages but demonstrating the personality and voice of your brand. Also, you need to keep aware of every conversation related to your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Selecting the Tools to reach to maximum number: Finbucket

Increase in clicks and traffic

To increase traffic you need to post regularly, even as simple as re-sharing or offering some valuable information or links that targets and leads will find helpful and interesting. These links may even be to outside articles. If some other sources may provide good information to your leads, it would do well to share it, providing links, as it’ll build an honest image for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Achieve the Goal by maximizing Website Traffic: Finbucket

Trademark on Social Media

Social Media is too large a platform to keep a check on what goes on and where. Therefore it is better to take measures to protection of your business branding. To build a firewall against the thieves and prevent some other company from copying & misusing your brand logo. However, as all platforms have firm trademark policies in place, it is relatively easy, quick, and economical to deal with these infringements. But, to guard against it, the prerequisite is to register a Social media Trademark.

So if your business is not using Social Media Tools for marketing, you’ll have to learn the process of trademark registration in India and start using these powerful tools right now or lose in the long run.


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