Today’s generation doesn’t believe in saving money rather investing it and gaining from it. Investments are the best option where you can pool your money and easily get returns. Gaining interest is not the only benefits one gets after investing, but also get tax benefits. For so long it was just in Fixed Deposits, National Savings Certificate, post office funds, etc. that people believed and invested in for good returns. But Mutual Funds have now found an excellent way to grab a share of investments, especially amongst those who don’t think of the risk which is possible in generating rewarding returns.

What are Mutual Funds? Well, in simple terms, mutual funds are A financial tool for investors to invest their money for a shorter or longer period, completing their financial goals and gathering gains out of it. The returns generated are divided among shareholders as their due share of dividends. The management of these funds is done by Asset Management companies(AMC’S) OR mutual fund companies where professionals like Fund Managers manage all the funds, keep the track of the performance and ensures that your money brings you fruitful gains.

In this generation, where people prefer to buy even apples online then,  why would they stand in the queue to invest their money in mutual funds? So companies have simplified the process by making it online for the people who resisted earlier. This online procedure has made all the transactions and transfer of funds just a few clicks away. It has also made it easy for the people to gather all the information about the schemes and plans, as they are available on the websites of the companies. So, whether it is an investment in shares or stock trading, online management of investments becomes a cakewalk.

Before investing in mutual funds, one should always be clear with his/her financial objectives and financial goals and should always opt only for those schemes which fulfill his/her objectives and goals. One must carefully read the policy documents and know the risk involved. Since now, online mutual funds are available one has the liberty to manage his funds and invest carefully in it. Keeping in mind the convenience of online investments into mutual funds, masses of people are joining the bandwagon. Online investment has made better management and strategic planning of your funds, the fund managers are available for assistance and will help you choose the right scheme and administer it regularly for maximum gains.

The investor can follow this online procedure to invest in mutual funds-

  1. The first step is to register yourself with the portal and give the PAN. an investor has to choose any company’s individual website.
  2. Click on ” Invest Online”. and choose the option “New User”.
  3. Fill out the form and give your personal details like bank details, investment details. You have to choose the scheme in the form itself.
  4. Note you must choose ‘DIRECT’ in the column for adviser or agent. This will enhance your return.
  5. Take a printout of the form and sign it.
  6. Attach the cheque of first investment and a copy of KYC compliance. You are KYC compliant if your KYC was done earlier with any broker or distributor. You can check your KYC status from the CVLKRA, KarvyKRA, or CAMSKRA. Take a printout from these websites.
  7. You will get your user ID and PIN for further online investment through the website.
  8. There are some fund houses e. g. Franklin Templeton and Quantum do not ask for physical form submission.

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