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What is Merchant Cash Advance or Loan Against Card Swipes?

Merchant Cash Advance or Loan Against Credit Card Swipes or Loan against EDC Sales provides power to the retailers to take Loan Against Card Sales. These loans can also be helpful to merchants like you who want to acquire working capital to execute and expand business operations.

How to apply for Merchant Cash Advance

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We are coordinating with 30+ banks / NBFCs to get your application.

We get the best rates for you.

The loan is approved and the amount credited.

Advantages of Loan Against Card Swipes?


Following are the minimum requirements for Loan Against EDC Swipes


Following documents are required for Merchant Cash Advance

FREQUEntly Asked Questions

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1. How can Loan Against EDC Swipes Help You?
2. How Does Merchant Cash Advance Works?
3. Do you have to provide any collateral, security or guarantors in Loan Against Card Swipes?
4. How can you repay the Loan?
5. What Will Loan Against Card Swipes or Merchant Cash Advance Cost?
6. Who Can Qualify For Merchant Cash Advance?


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