Loan against property is also known as a secured loan. There is various reason to avail loan against property. However, the loan is availed by mortgaging

  • An existing property like
    • Commercial property
    • Residential property
    • Industrial property
    • Falt, plot, land, etc.
  • However, the amount of the loan is decided by the lender based on
    • The income of the borrower,
    • The value of the property

Documents required for a loan against property

If the borrower is self-employed

  • Form 26 (AS) for the current financial year.
  • Profit of the last 2 years
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Credit report
  • List of creditors and debtors
  • Amortization schedule
  • Statement of an account which supports another current loan (if any)
  • Bank statement of last 6 months
  • The current statement of the bank of the last 12 years
  • Last three years of financial statements
    • Income Tax Return
    • Computation of Income
    • Tax Audit Report with the complete set of financials
    • Value Added Tax
    • Service Tax report
    • Sanction letters such as
      • CC limit
      • WC limit
      • OD and term loans
  • Acknowledgment receipts
    • For ITR filed without a digital signature.

Documents for salaried people

  • Last 3 months of payslip
  • Amortization Schedule
  • Statement of accounts
  • last 2 years form 16
  • ITR of the last two years
  • Bank statement of last 6  months at least
  • Appointment letter
  • Increment letter (if any)

Documents for all kind of people

  • Copy of Pan card
  • If there is more than one applicant then relationship proof of the applicants
    • Passport
    • Marriage certificate
    • Birth certificate of a child
    • Ration card
  • Residential address proof
    • Telephone bill landline
    • Phone bill
    • Electricity bill
  • Processing fees cheque in favor of the bank
  • Application form
    • With a signature, and
    • Photograph

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How to manage the EMI on loan against property

Once your loan application is sanctioned, further, you have involved efficient management of the monthly EMIs. Here are a few ways by which you will get to know how to manage the monthly EMIs in the more efficient ways

Use lump sum amount to repay

  • If you receive any bonus or gain profit then it is the golden chance to pay the lump sum amount of the loan.
  • Paying lumpsum amount at once will reduce the tenure of your loan and charge less interest rate comparatively.
  • It will also reduce the burden.

Try to pay extra EMI every year

  • By paying off an extra EMI every year will reduce your allover outstanding amount of loan.
  • It will let you reduce the tenure of the loan.

Refinance loan to cut the burden

  • However, if you find that the cost of your loan can become lower and another lender offering better rates.
  • Switch to that lender who is offering better rates at different intervals.
  • Furthermore, the opportunity allows you to save a large amount of interest by shifting the lower rate of interest.
  • However, the switch will bring out again to the
    • Appraisal process
    • Paperwork
    • Payment of a fee

Make repayment your priority

  • Paying EMIs on time will increase the creditworthiness.
  • Decide your EMI close to the sate of your salary date.
  • It will save you from penalties and other troubles also.

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