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Invoice Financing

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Accounts receivable financing lets you get paid for your outstanding invoices right away for a fee.

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What is Invoice Financing?

Accounts receivables financing companies lends you cash collateralized by your business’s outstanding invoices — giving you an excellent way to put more investment into your business instantly. With invoice financing, you could get a quick advance of about 85% of the amount of your invoices, with most of the other 15% paid to you later. It’s the perfect unfolding to cover for late-paying customers or cash flow slowdowns.

How to apply for Invoice Finance

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Advantages of Invoice Financing


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FREQUEntly Asked Questions

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1. How Does Invoice Financing Works or Operate?
One of the most hinder aspects of running a growing business is waiting for your invoices to be paid — supremely when some customers don’t pay on time. And delayed payments mean you don’t get to transmit that capital back into your business right away, tying up your working capital and creating a whole host of strife.

At FinBucket, we see this problem all the time with small business owners. That’s why we offer accounts receivable financing on our marketplace. With accounts receivable financing, you have the opportunity to get paid for your invoices right away no need to wait.

Let’s know more about how it can help.

2. Solve Cash Flow Problems with Accounts Receivable Financing Or Invoice Financing?
What if you could guarantee you’ll see money for those invoices right away? That’s virtually what accounts receivable financing also known as invoice financing does for your business.

While accounts receivable financing is sometimes a fairly pricey way to fund your business operations, it lets you deal with a more foreseen cash flow. If you’re running short of capital or urgently need to meet impending expenses like taxes, payroll, or even getting started on your next project, then invoice financing can ease the weary load on your business. Plus, you’ll definitely sleep better at night with a righteous inflow of cash.

3. Accounts Receivable Financing Or Invoice Financing: Crushing the Numbers?
Once you agree to collateralise few of your invoices for a loan from a financing company, they’ll supply you typically about 85% of the total value of those invoices. The remaining 15% gets held in reserve and subjected to fees till your customer pays their invoice off.

From that 15%, your lender first retrieves a processing fee mostly around 3%. They’ll then charge a “factor fee” that depends on how much time it takes for your customer to pay up, almost always calculated on a weekly basis.
For example, many lenders charge 1% each week until payment.
Then you’ll receive that 15% minus those fees—which are literally the price you’re choosing to pay for cash now instead of whenever the customer can complete your invoice. Simply put… Accounts receivable financing is a convenience fee for your business’s working capital.


Despite business lines of credit don’t really have term lengths you can withdraw and pay back those amount indefinitely, as long as your lender believes that you’re a reliable borrower these labels help you compare short-term loans with short-term lines of credit and traditional term (or “medium-term”) loans with medium-term lines of credit. The variance are commonly in their minimum qualifications, maximum fund amounts, and interest rates.

4. What will bill Discounting or Invoice Financing Cost You?
For Instance, you have an ₹ 10 Lakhs invoice with 90-Days terms. You will be charged every month at a rate of approximately 2%, so you will pay ₹20,000.00 every month.
5. Is Bill Discounting or Invoice Financing Worth It?
You might sense like 2% every Month is a steep rate to pay—but that all depends on your business’s financials.
If you required money to make payroll a week after sending out that invoice, then your accounts receivable financing lender’s fees don’t seem too bad actually. Your business’s financial situation might literally benefit from extra cash flow so capital right away could definitely be worth the fees you pay.
6. When Can You Repay the Invoice Finance or Bill Discounting or Account Receivable Financing?
The maximum loan term in Invoice Financing is 12 months, dependig on your company size and revenue. When customer pays the invoice, you receive the remaining 10-50% reserve amount, minus the Interest.
7. Who Qualifies for Accounts Receivable Financing or Invoice Financing?
Any business with a B2B model can qualify for invoice financing, as long as they currently have outstanding invoices.
Here’s the deal.

These lenders don’t care as much about your income, profitability, or time in business.
Since your invoices will act as the loan’s collateral, lenders just want to ensure the invoices make sense for them to finance. The rest of your business isn’t too important. The maximum sum you can qualify for depends on the total amount and quality of your invoices, as well as on your creditworthiness. It is vital to note that some accounts receivable financing lenders take a look at your credit report, too.


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