How to increase home loan eligibility?

  • Home loan interest rates have crawled up over the most recent couple of months.
  • This is because it has influenced the credit score for home loan eligibility.
  • Home Loan eligibility is contrarily identified with rates. As financing costs rise, advance qualification winds up stiffer.
  • In such a situation, some home credit borrowers may need to re-assess their choices because of the new qualification criteria.

There are different ways by which people can upgrade their home loan eligibility

Increase the loan tenure

  • One of the most important methods of increasing home loan eligibility is to choose a longer time period.
  • This is so because the EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) per lakh, which an individual needs to pay, begins to decline with the increase in tenure.
  • The reason being that different component like
    • The interest rate, and
    • The principal amount continues as before, despite the higher tenure.
  • Furthermore, since the individual is paying a lower EMI now, his ‘capacity to pay’ and hence his advance qualification, naturally increment.

Repaying other loans

  • People with other outstanding loans may confront an issue with home loan eligibility. It may give a negative impact on home loan eligibility.
  • Industry benchmarks recommend that current borrowings/loans with more than 12 unpaid installments are considered while figuring the borrower’s qualification for home loan eligibility.
  • In such a situation, people have the choice of prepaying to some degree/full of their current loans.
  • This will guarantee that their qualification for the home credit reason for existing is unaffected.
  • For instance, where 16 EMIs stay to be paid, at that point he can prepay the same and approach the HFC with a fresh start.
  • Also, the borrower has the choice of prepaying 5 EMIs along with guaranteeing that the current loan does not affect the eligibility for a home loan.

Clubbing of incomes

  • Another method to increase home loan eligibility is the method to club the earnings of spouse/father/mother/child.
  • For example, if a person’s credit qualification, in light of his salary, works out to around Rs 1,000,000 for a given arrangement of criteria. Be that as it may, the individual needs a credit worth Rs 2,000,000. Expect that this present person’s spouse is acquiring a comparative yearly pay. In such a case, the individual can club his spouse’s salary along with his own particular pay and afterward choose a home advance, the eligibility will now stand multiplied at Rs 2,000,000 from Rs 1,000,000 prior.
  • The eligibility for a home loan will be ascertained on the clubbed wage of both a couple in this manner upgrading the person’s qualification to the degree of the life partner’s pay.

Step-up loan

  • The borrower to enhance the home loan eligibility can step-up loans. The step-up loan helps is paying the low EMI at the initial period of the loan and the same is upgraded during the remains of the loan tenure.
  • For instance, a Rs 1,000,000 home credit at 7.5% for a 20-year residency would suggest paying an EMI of Rs 6,760 for the initial 2 years and Rs 8,340 for the staying residency.
  • HFCs typically consider the lower EMI of the underlying years to figure his loan eligibility. The underlying lower EMI helps increment the person’s ‘ability to get’.


  • Salaried people must guarantee that a variable source of income in a fluctuating manner will not affect the repayment of loans adversely. Perks or any kind of bonus will be suggested to pay off the loan smoothly. Also, it increases the eligibility of getting a home loan as well.

Nonetheless, people need to remember that expanding the qualification can affect their money-related arranging. People need to work out arrangements most appropriate for their profile after addressing their home loan expert.