Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd started its operations in 2006. they launched individual health plans, overseas Mediclaim, and personal accident insurance plans. They provide excellent services and customized products to meet the needs and demands of their customers. They have a capital base of Rs.1,050 crore. It is one of the largest private health insurance providers in India and the first company to provide a policy called Star Cardiac Care. This policy is launched for people suffering from cardiac ailments.

Star health insurance offers a wide range of health insurance policies at good prices so that it can be affordable for all. They focus on making health insurance coverage available to all segments of the population.



  1. Network hospitals                                           –  8200+
  2. Incurred claim ratio                                         –  51%
  3. Renewability                                                     –  lifetime
  4.  a waiting period for pre-existing illness     –  4 years
  5. of policies issued                                               –  2579591
  6. Grievances solved                                             –  72%

Note:-the data is for the year 2016-2017


Types of health insurance offered by Star Health and Allied Insurance

  1. Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy
  2. Star Medi Classic Insurance Policy
  3. Star Family Health Optima Insurance Plan
  4. Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy
  5. Star Super Surplus
  6. Star Super Surplus Gold Plan
  7. Star Health Gain
  8. Star Criticare Plus
  9. Star Cardiac Care
  10. Star Unique Health Insurance Policy
  11. Star Wedding Gift Insurance
  12. Star Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy
  13. Star Family Delite Insurance Policy
  14. Star Health Insurance Netplus
  15. Star Micro Health Insurance Policy
  16. Star Care Insurance Policy
  17. Star Health Accident Care Insurance Policy
  18. Star Health Student Care Plan
  19. Star Cancer Care Gold


Common features

The following are the features which are common to all plans on offer:-

In-patient hospitalization

Inpatient hospitalization or treatment which includes all expenses. If he or she has been hospitalized for more than 24 hours.


Pre and post hospitalization expenses

Pre-hospitalization up to 30 days and post-hospitalization up to 60 days. they usually met by a lump sum amount @7%  of the expenses or rs. 5000, whichever is less


Pre-existing illness

It is included and the waiting period is usually 4 years preceding policy (2 or 3 years where specified)


Reinstatement of sum assured

Normally, it is allowed after a specified number of claim-free years


Floater and individual basis

On a floater basis, members should be policyholder’s husband or wife and dependent children. whereas on the individual basis, the sum assured is made available to the insured person only(per person basis)

Benefits Offered in Plans of Star Health and Allied Insurance

They offer various health insurance plans for individuals, families, senior citizens, accident care, and critical illness policies. The following list below are the benefits of Star Health Insurance plans:-

 Individual health insurance plans

  • Individuals age between 18- 65 years is eligible.
  • It covers hospital cash benefits and free health check-ups facilities after the completion of a certain number of consecutive, claim-free years.
  • There is no sub-limit on room rent and treatment expenses.
  • Insurance policies from Star Health cover several day-care procedures


Family health insurance plans

  • Affordable health insurance coverage is available on a floater basis.
  • you can get up to 100% increase in sum insured for a claim-free renewal
  • There is no sub-limit on room rent and treatment expenses.
  • It will cover dental and ophthalmic treatments on Out-Patient Department (OPD) basis.
  • air ambulance facility and second medical opinion are also included.


Senior citizen health insurance plans

  • Senior citizens age between 60-75 years is eligible for the plan.
  • A pre-insurance medical test is not required.
  • The insurance covers pre-existing diseases from 2nd year onwards.
  • There is a guaranteed lifetime renewability option in the plan
  • In a network hospital, medical consultations can be availed as an outpatient


Accident care individual health insurance plans

  • It has the coverage for accidental death, permanent and temporary disablement.
  • For up to 100 weeks, get enhanced weekly compensation up to Rs.15,000 per week
  • educational grant for dependent children.
  • 5% cumulative bonus per annum up to a maximum of 50%.
  • In case of permanent total disablement, Get up to 150% of the sum insured as compensation


*Note: Benefits mentioned below may vary from plan to plan. they are subject to the insurance company terms and conditions


Health Insurance Premium Calculator:

The online premium calculator is available on the Star Health and Allied Insurance website. It makes it easy to calculate the insurance premiums on your chosen health insurance policy. Visit the official website and click on your chosen plan. Once you have entered all the necessary information, you will get the insurance premium for the chosen policy quickly.

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