You all of them must have some of those insurances such as life, automobile, house, etc but isn’t maternity insurance necessary? Nowadays child care is most expensive. Parents want everything perfect for their coming child whether his or her clothes, hygiene products, etc. also your health insurance might not cover your maternity expenses. So before you get financially burdened, maternity insurance is for you.

Well, few insurance providers may offer maternity plan coverage in your general health insurance plan. It cost lesser than a separate maternity plan. But Unless you add-on maternity-care, your health insurance will not cover. Even not unless you serve a waiting period of 2 to 3 years. well to overcome this problem, there are many other maternity insurance plans which give you good coverage. it covers both normal and cesarean deliveries. Some companies provide family health insurance for expecting parents are:

  • Royal Sundaram mediclaim insurance policy
  • Max Bupa
  • Apollo Munich insurance
  • Cigna TTK health insurance


Coverage in Maternity Insurance Plan

Well,  in this, there are is a list of inclusion and exclusions. Before taking the plans, let’s see what are some inclusions in the medical insurance plans for expecting parents:-

  • Hospitalization expenses

Before the delivery, pre-hospitalization expenses of up to 30 days and post-hospitalization expenses of up to 30 days after the delivery are covered under the maternity plan.

  • Other costs of hospitalization

Other charges like doctor fees, nurse fees, anesthesia charges, room rental charges, ambulance charges, consultant fees, etc. are covered in the plan. certain cases of pregnancy termination are also included.

  • Prenatal and post-natal cost

Both normal, as well as the cesarean delivery expenses, are born by the insurer. Any expense arises due to pregnancy complications or childbirth is also included in the maternity insurance plan.

  • Expenses for a newborn baby

If there is any disorder is detected or a case of hospitalization of a newborn, then the coverage is provided up to the 90 days from the baby birth.


Best Family Health Insurance Plans for Expecting Parents

Many companies nowadays give maternity health insurance plans to their female employees. But yes not every female is included so here are some best plans that cover maternity care. Let’s see:-

  1. Max BUPA:– heartbeat family floater plan is offered by the max BUPA. the plan offers maternity and newborn covers in three variants– silver, gold, and platinum. also, the charges of first-year vaccinations are covered in this plan. They offer coverage to up to two pregnancies in all variants, provided the insured person and his spouse have the insurance policy for at least two years which should be continuous i.e. consecutive years.
  1. Star Health:- Star Health’s offers Star Health Wedding Gift Pregnancy Cover. This plan offers a benefit up to Rs.10 lakh. They offer coverage for up to two pregnancies. It covers both normal and cesarean delivery, includes pre-natal and post-natal expenses and the expenses of the newborn baby. Both child and mother are taken care of if any complications arise. The waiting period is 3 years.
  2. Cigna TTK health insurance:– Cigna TTK offers the pro-health plus plans. It includes maternity expenses, newborn expenses, and the vaccination case of normal delivery, the coverage is up to rs.15,000. In the case of cesarean delivery, the coverage is up to rs.25,000. The maximum coverage offered by this plan is to rs10 lakh. The waiting period for this policy is 2 years.
  3. Royal Sundaram:-it offers royal Sundaram master product- total health plus. It also covers hospitalization expenses, prepartum and postpartum costs and coverage against any complications arise in childbirth or during pregnancy. The waiting period is 3 years

So here are some famous policies for maternity plans. It is advisable to take insurance before you conceive as in any policy, the minimum waiting period is 2 or 3 years. also before buying any policy, check, compare and evaluate the insurance plans so that you can choose wisely.


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