Health insurance plans are a necessity nowadays. the caretaker of the family always worried about the future of his or her is because some events like illness, death, accidents, etc are unpredictable. to reduce there a risk they buy health insurance plan so that future expenses can be covered .many plans and policies are available to them with different schemes and offers. then it totally depends on the choice of the person which policy suits him or her the best. but the policies should buy very carefully so that they could get benefits rather than losses.

Many organizations provide their employee health facilities and insurance too.government also launch various schemes and policies so that maximum people will take insurance policy and have the benefit from it. special health policies also made available for mental disabilities, organ failure, etc.


Well, some people make mistakes when it comes to buying health insurance for them and their families. there are the main reasons which are as follows:-

  • people don’t act at the right time as they feel they are too young and healthy
  • they buy unnecessary insurance policy when they realize they have made a mistake
  • look for only premiums


Well, here is some importance of health insurance which is as follows:

Tax benefit

yes, a payment that is made towards the premiums indeed comes under section 80D, i.e it is exempted under this section up to a certain amount. Individuals having age below 60 years can claim up to 15000 rupees for the health insurance premium paid. it can be taken not for only themselves but can be for spouse, children, and parents. on the other hand additional 5000 can be claimed for regular treatments.


The insurance cover provided by the current health insurance plan

many organizations provide basic health insurance coverage. The basic health insurance might cover individuals with minor ailments and provide a decent amount of coverage. However, this amount can be insufficient at the time of emergency or need. so they need to prepare themselves for these situations.


Buying health policy at a young age

well, it is very beneficial for them to buy insurance at an early age as age increases and understand the importance of health insurance plans, there are higher chances that insurer will reject the application, and senior citizens insurance is very difficult to take as many insurers to reject it. there is another reason that illness, accidents, and deaths are unpredictable. at that time if you have not taken the insurance, there will be a huge pressure of finance on a day’s many insurance companies give discounts on taking insurance at an early age which helps you to save money.


Security to your loved ones

the main reason for taking health insurance is securing our loved ones from risks and uncertainties.

  • first of all our parent who has done a lot of sacrifices for you and now they need your help. as age increases, they are more prone to diseases. by taking health insurance there will be no financial burden on you for the treatment.
  • Your spouse completes you and makes your life easier by just being there for you when you need the most. You get unconditional love and support from your life partner. health insurance plans can be a gift and its coverage is a good way of taking care of his or her medical needs and fulfilling some of your responsibilities towards them.
  • well, kids are too young to understand the importance of health.but yes it is our responsibility to take care of them and secure their health with the time of need, there will be no burden of money on you for their treatment.

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