Health Insurance Plans

Well, there are different health insurance types. well, first of all, know what is health insurance?

It is an agreement between the individual and the insurance company that expenses are paid by the insurer if there is a medical emergency. A person gets free from the financial burden when you needed for treatment bills and expenses. It not only free you from burden but also gives you the tax benefit when you pay a premium towards the health insurance. it comes under the section 80D of income tax act.

Every insurance plans have the waiting period. It is important to keep in mind that there will be no claim of money under the waiting period. It depends upon the insurance plan and the insurer you have chosen.

Many organizations are providing health insurance to their employees. But the features and the benefits are less. So it is advisable that you should take those insurance plans which suits you the most i.e. it should have sufficient coverage amount so that there will be no financial burden on you while claiming the money.


 Health Insurance Types

There are different health insurance types having different kinds of benefits and offerings.amoung all of these you have to choose the best plan which can secure to the individual and family needs also.everyone has different choices. So here are some types of health insurance plans and policies which are as follows:


Individual health insurance policy

It is the type of insurance policy in which all benefits are given to an gives coverage for certain illness or disease, accident, cashless hospitalization, reimbursement etc.the sum assured is given to one individual only. It can be customized according to the needs of that is preferable when a person is taking insurance in older age.


Family health plan

It is a health insurance type which includes all family members in one plan. Family floater plans offer fixed sum assured to the all the members. it can be claimed to any one of the members during the tenure of the is advisable to those persons who are taking insurance in early age i.e. the 20s or 30s.


Senior citizen health insurance

A person who is above 60 years of age is eligible for this plan. It offers protection against health issues during old age. as per  the guidelines of the IRDA, every insurance company should include persons up to the age of 65 years  in its plans


A surgical and critical illness plan

It is health insurance type which includes coverage for critical illness such as kidney failure, heart attack, cancer, tumor, paralysis etc. the medicines ant the treatment is really expensive. So this policy act as a great relief. The insurer provides a lump sum amount  to the insured person if he or she diagnosed with any critical conditions


Maternity health insurance

It is typically in which all the expenses and treatment cost is covered related to the includes pre and posts natal care, child delivery, and some policies also include baby vaccinations.there are some terms and conditions related to it. Consider them carefully


Personal accident cover

They include hospitalization and medical expenses due to an accident of the person. A specified sum is paid to them on the occurrence of sudden accidents which can result in disability or death of that person.


Unit-linked health plans

It is also referred as offers the unique combination of health insurance and the investment to the person. It not only give health insurance but also helps to contribute to building a corpus. It is used to meet the expenditures which are not covered by health insurance. only a few companies have started giving this policy to their customers.


Preventive health care

On one wants to fall ill and wanted to live healthily. So this will help you to cover regular checkups, concessions in x rays, doctor fee, test offering these facilities, the main aim is to keep the insured person away from severe illness.


So here some information about the health insurance types of plans and policies. health insurance is really beneficial if you choose the right plan for yourself.

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