These days health insurance plans are popular. These policies help the person to get relieved from the huge expenses at the time of if you want to secure the future of your family then health insurance is the right step. But you must buy the right type of health insurance for you and your family .in the market, there is a variety of health insurance with different benefits.

So while choosing the best health insurance for you, some factors should be taken care of. Here is some main factor that you can’t miss while buying any health insurance policy.

 Important factors for health insurance plans

  • The adequate sum assured:- it is important to take that health insurance plans which has an adequate sum should ideally cover all the dependent members of the family needs. if you have any illness in the past or higher in terms of age, you should take the plan having a higher sum assured


  • Claim process: -the claim settlement time or the ratio is one of the most important factors that must be considered. the higher settlement ratio or faster claim settlement time ensures that the insurance company is doing good and genuine.


  • Cashless mediclaim: Many insurance companies provide the cashless facility to insured individuals. It gives you a benefit that you do not have to make payments to network hospitals and then follow up for the reimbursement. it is the duty of the insured person that he or she should check the list of all the network hospitals offered by the insurer.


  • Age limits:-it is important to check the age limits given by the health insurance is advisable to take a health insurance plan that is renewable after the age of 65. As you reach that age you are more prone to illness and it is difficult to get fresh insurance when you need the most.


  • Co-payments and sub-limits:-in co-pay the insured person has to give some share of expenses incurred regardless of the amount covered. Also, there are various sub-limits that the health insurance company imposed. It is done to reduce the claims outgo at the time of need when hospitals are overcharging. So it is important to choose a health insurance policy which has the least number of sublimity.


  • Maternity benefits: -search for those policies that also include maternity benefits if you want to manage the rising cost related to the pregnancy.


  • Free medical checkups:– look for health insurance which includes free medical checkups.  And at the time of renewal, there is no bearing on the premium for tests or checkups.

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