Health insurance is very important for our safety but some of us have health insurance myths. Nowadays many information is available for almost all types of insurance. As competition is increasing, it makes the insurers to give all the information, benefits, and discounts to their customers. The main aim for them is to clear all the confusions and doubts of the buyers and guide them according to their needs. In this article, we will see some common myths of the people towards health insurance.


9 Health Insurance Myths

  • Young and fit don’t need health insurance

Well, this is the most common myth that people have that they are young and don’t need any health insurance policy. It is not true. It is recommended to purchase a policy early in life and renew regularly which helps you to have a better amount of claim when you needed the most. The application for health insurance at an early age is accepted easily by the insurer than the older age. Health insurance also acts as a protective layer against accidents, illness, etc at any time


  • Low-Cost plans are the best

It is not wrong to see a reasonable policy. but it should be considered that the coverage should be good enough to meet all your needs regarding your health.also the benefits are offered with that. Many low-cost plans have fewer offerings and less coverage si choose wisely.


  • Pregnancy-related claims are not covered

It is health insurance myths that it does not cover the pregnancy. Yes, few insurers are unwilling to cover the pregnancy. But yes, now insurers have started covering pregnancy and maternity expenses up to the certain terms and conditions.please verify them carefully


  • Benefits begin from day one in policy

In every health insurance policy, there is a waiting period. Before that, no claim is entertained. No illness is covered in the first 30 days from the commencement of health care policy. It covers only accidental hospitalization in the beginning.


  • Insurers reimburse all the cost

It is not true that insurers will pay all your expenses. Some insurers only pay a partial amount. The policy includes some sublimity. It is advisable to check those limits so that you can choose wisely


  • Paid if you are hospitalized 24 hours

With advanced technology and procedures, many insurers have started providing coverage for daycare procedures. Daycare procedures do not require 24-hour hospitalization. They include eye surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, lithotripsy, etc. remember dental treatments are not covered as they are outpatient procedures.


  • An agent will give you the best policy

Many people prefer to buy health insurance with the help of agents as a belief that he will give the best advice. But it is not true. Well, the agent might emphasize you on having your best interest in the mind. but still, you will be responsible for being fully aware of the terms, conditions, and benefits which are covered and which are not.


  • Waiting for the period for the pre-existing disease is compared

It is not true. The person who is healthy while buying the policy, this clause will not apply. And in case of person has a pre-existing disease, many policies cover it after a 4-year waiting is important to disclose each fact about the pre-existing ailment. It helps you to ensure the claim settlement process without any complications.


  • Buying health insurance is not safe

In fact, many people prefer buying health insurance online nowadays. It is because they offer lower premiums to their customers. They can do so because no agent is involved and the commission which is given to them is saved. So this benefit is transferred to the buyers. If you are carefully reading all terms and conditions, buying health insurance online is fine. it is just health insurance myths.

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