Family Health Insurance now has become a necessity, by taking it, a person will not need to take the financial pressure of health expenses. the family head considers all the possible factors that can harm his or her family. factors like sudden death, unemployment, illness, etc are not in our control but yes this risk can be minimized. So for safety or to reduce risk health insurance is popular covers different types of plans and facilities attached to it .a person can choose any plan according to his or her need of the family.

nowadays online portal of these family health insurance makes easier to showcase all the policies and plans in short and summarised way with all terms and conditions. a person can see all the different types of plans and policies offered by the different companies. by analyzing them, they can choose the best plan for them which satisfies their needs and demands. also, online portals give discounts or offer less premium. it is because there is no involvement of the agents.

have you ever wondered how an insurance company calculates the premium of different plans? well, the premium calculator is also available for the user which makes his or her work easier. this calculator helps to compare different plans from a wide range of general insurance companies and the best and affordable plan can be chosen with the help of this. many online portals provide this calculator so that customers can solve their confusion and attract to their plans.


family floater plan: -A family health plan or family medical claim policy offers insurance to all family members which includes spouses and children. some policies also extended to the coverage of their parents, in-laws, and is a very good option when it comes to securing the risk of the health of all family members and it relieves the person from maintaining the different policy files and documents. many families nowadays prefer this plan rather than taking individual plans. but yes it is advisable to go into detail regarding the terms and conditions of the policies. as it helps you to eliminate unwanted plans.

family health insurance v/s family floater policy

well, both are beneficial but there are some differences which are as follows.

  1. The floater policy has a benefit in that it has a lower premium as the plan is for whole than the individual health insurance. whereas individual health policy, the premium is calculated according to the plan taken which can raise the amount of premium for a family.
  2. individual health insurance can be changed according to the needs of the person but in floater policy, there is no customization for an individual, the plan is the same for all the members of the family. it is advisable that if you are taking insurance at an older age, then you should opt for individual plans. individual plans have more benefits than the floater plan.
  3. the individual risk in case of individual health insurance as the premium is paid and is held responsible to that individual only whereas the risk is shared among the members within the policy in case of floater policy.
  4. in family floater policy, the premium is determined according to the age of the eldest member in policy which means that if the eldest member reaches to the maximum age fixed by the company, no further renewals are allowed and none of the remaining members will have the option of carrying forward the policy.

So here are some key differences in both plans. while choosing any plan whether it is a family health plan or individual plan, select the plans which suit you the most. so stay healthy.

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