Many developed countries offer different schemes and individuals can reach easily with medical and health facilities and health insurance. But developing countries like India,  only a few companies provide insurance to differently-abled individuals. Also accessing medical facilities is the most difficult task for them. the most differently-abled person have to pay huge bills for their treatment.

Although many medical schemes and facilities have been launched to support them. But there is less improvement than expected. It is because it just covers only the basic medical cost and no extra coverage is provided for the highly expensive treatments.

Very few private companies facilitate medical facilities or insurance but they are very expensive that normal or poor people cannot afford it. The following will explain some more detail about it.


Who is referred to as differently-abled individuals?

Well, it includes different categories i.e. people who are suffering from the following category are referred to as disabled. so it involves:-

  • Congenital Disability:-It is a condition in which an individual is suffering or affected by birth. it includes patients like heart conditions, cystic fibrosis, spina bifida, Fragile X syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, etc. Most of these congenital diseases are not covered by insurance plans or very expensive.
  • Accidental Disability:-It is a type of situation in which he or she is suffered due to an accident. Well, this sudden accident is not under the control of any person. So many health insurance companies treat them as normal applicants.
  • Mental Disability:-It is a type of situation in which a person is suffered due to any mental disability or illness. It covers neurological problems, behavioral distress, or any mental impairments.


Health Insurance Schemes And Policies

Swavalamban Health Insurance

It is one of the health insurance policy which is applicable for those persons with disabilities whose income is less than Rs.30,000. It is very carefully designed so that it can suit the needs of disabled persons. In this, the premium can be paid in one go and the amount can be claimed any time with proper documents i.e. can avail the coverages at any time of medical treatments. But in this, various factors impact the eligibility of the disabled person.

Nirmalya Health Insurance

It also a health insurance policy launched by the government especially for persons who have mental disabilities. specials provisions are made for them so that it will be useful for them.

In this scheme insured can get up to rupees 1 lakhs for the mental treatment for pre and post-period hospitalization expenses. the premium is paid as follows:-

  • family monthly income is less than 15,000  -Rs.250 as the fixed premium payout
  • family monthly income is more than 15,000  -Rs.500 had to be paid as premium

These are the two main schemes launched by the government.


Eligibility Criteria For Differently-Abled

Family earning

It is one of the most important factors in determining the eligibility criteria. different provisions are made with different income levels and an insurance policy is offered accordingly.premium is also calculated based on their income levels.

Health state of an individual

The first thing that insurer should check is the health status of that individual before offering the insurance policy. generally the checkout health status of the last two months to minimize the risk. there is a high chance that if that individual is suffering from chronic disability insurer probably rejects the application.

The capacity of premium paying

The insurer personally checks your all documents, accounts, statements, etc. and every insurance plan has its own premium share.

To sum up, to have a health insurance policy for the differently-abled persons, various schemes and policies are available but they should satisfy the eligibility criteria.

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