It becomes highly difficult to choose a plan which is affordable health insurance as well as has good coverage. In the competitive world, there are a variety of health insurance products having different features. So to choose, you have to understand, check, and compare the different plans and policies. Nowadays many companies offer discounts and additional features with the insurance policy.

Well there is no harm in finding the affordable health insurance policy but yes, you should think these questions before finalizing it:

  1. Will I able to afford the premium?
  2. Does the plan give appropriate coverage about the kind of coverage required?
  3. What will the claim process be?
  4. Does it provide coverage against critical ailments?
  5. How to proceed in case of a critical illness?
  6. Is there any co-payment or deductible?

It is important to keep a check on these features while buying insurance. Even an affordable health insurance plan can also give you appropriate coverage to cover the members. there are suggestions regarding the insurance policy that you should consider before buying health insurance.

A Guide For You To Buy Best and Affordable Health Insurance

  • Everyone wants to buy a health insurance plan that has all the good features. Features such as low premiums, good coverage, OPD cover, maternity benefits, best claim settlement, less waiting period, regular health checkups, and even high-end benefits. But, it should be noted that there is no such plan that exists in the real world. You must choose a plan which covers your needs and is not too much costly.
  • In search of the right policy, you might think of buying health insurance at a later stage in life. It is not good because the younger you are, the lower the premium rate is. It is suggested to buy the best health insurance plan early so that you can get more benefits.
  • The next important thing is that to whom in your family you want to cover. If you have a healthy family and including you, spouse and your children then choose accordingly. And if in your family, you have a member who is above 50 years old with a medical history. You should make a plan that will give adequate coverage for your family members.
  • You should check your is important because it helps you to choose the type of health plan you need. If you can lead a good lifestyle, it will be helpful to keep diseases far from you.
  • If you have a healthy and young family then you can take the family floater health insurance. Suppose there is a family member who is over 50 years old and is suffering from any illness. Then you should opt for the individual cover for him/her along with a family floater plan for your family. Do not leave any risk for any member in your choose wisely by keeping all the things in mind.
  • To help people in premium, many health insurance companies have equipped their websites with a feature like the premium calculator. It helps the buyer to calculate the amount of insurance premium he or she has to pay to the insurer. Also helps them to analyze whether the insurance policy is pocket-friendly or not.
  • Analyze the additional benefits and ask the insurer for discounts if any.

For example, Oriental Insurance Mediclaim is one of the best health insurance plans. It has age eligibility for 3-80 years. You can have a cashless hospitalization facility with network hospitals and the sum assured ranges from Rs.50,000 to Rs. 5,00,000. On the aggregate premium, you will also get a family discount of a maximum of 10%. you will get benefits of hospitalization expenses, pre and post-hospital charges, daycare expenses, ambulance charges, dental charges, organ donor expenses, etc.

But yes, there are some exclusions as well. This list includes any kind of pre-existing or all types of medical conditions that may happen in the first 30 days of the policy except any injury, treatment related to childbirth and pregnancy, and treatment of benign hypertrophy of the prostate, fibromyoma, sinusitis, hysterectomy, etc.

Well keeping in mind, you can choose the best policy for yourself with affordable health insurance premiums. To choose the best plan, you need to search well. Compare all the plans, evaluate whether it suits your needs, or not then finalize it. Thus, opt for the policy that gives you maximum health benefits for you and your family.

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