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What is Family Health Insurance?

What can be better than having you and all of your loved ones insured under a single premium? Family Insurance policy provides coverage to all the medical emergencies of any family member. , Buying individual covers for each and every family member requires more money to be invested and you have to file the premium for everyone separately. But in family Health Insurance Policy you have to pay a lower premium amount and it will save your money along with the safety of your family. You can also add some new member of the family like the newlywed spouse in the Family Health Insurance Policy very easily, just by informing the insurance provider.

Why do you need a Family Health Insurance?

As times have changed, we have started living in a world that is more industrialized than ever. This has exposed us to an array of health-related shortcomings and has put us on a greater risk to catch diseases. So to prepare for what the future beholds for you and your family, you must invest in your present. To have coverage against any of the medical emergencies, you need a Family Health Policy.

Types of Family Health Insurance Plans

A family health insurance plan has the ability to provide cover to the entire family under a single plan with a single premium., This plan is divided into two parts:-

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance provides coverage against the hospitalization expenses related to your treatment. Under, this, the person gets the required coverage in the form of cashless benefits or the reimbursement.

Critical Illness Insurance Plan

This plan is structured in a way that can offer the required coverage for chronic diseases such as heart attack, stroke, kidney dysfunction, etc. However, companies do not provide this as a family health plan, you have to buy it as an additional cover.

What all Family Health Insurance does and doesn’t cover?


A Family Health Insurance Policy covers all the members of the family against various diseases and illnesses. The Family Health Insurance Policy is also called the Family Floater policy and in this, the fixed sum is insured which provides a cover for the entire family. The premium amount of the Family Health Insurance Policy is lesser when compared to other insurance plans. Anyone between the age of 18years to 65 years residing in India can opt to buy a Family Health Insurance Policy. Family Health Insurance Policy usually covers up to 15 relations. You can compare and decide the best insurance plan for your family.

  1. The Family Health Insurance Policy covers the hospitalization expenses of the patient that includes the consultation fees of the doctor, medical bills, and even the room charge of the hospital.
  2. Coverage for the cost of drugs and medicines of the policyholder is provided.
  3. Daycare for the entire day is provided for the policyholder.
  4. Any type of organ donation charges for the policyholder is covered under the Family Health insurance Policy.
  5. It provides the facility of domiciliary hospitalization
  6. If an ambulance is required in the hour of emergency, its cost is also covered.
  7. Most of the Family Health Insurance policies promise the lifelong renewal beyond the age of 65 years
  8. A free look period of 15 days is offered to the policyholder from the date he or she get the receipt of the policy so that the client can take his or her time to review the terms and conditions of the policy one tend to buy. If the policyholder is having some doubts and there is a case of dissatisfaction, the policyholder wants to cancel the policy he or she buy then the insurance company will offer a refund of the premium amount that is paid.


Insurance Policies cover a pool of needs a citizen. Still, some limitations remain for most of the Family Health Insurance policies. So, you need to look for the column and lists of the exclusions in their insurance policies. Some of the points that s of the Family Health Insurance policy does not include are as follows –

  1. Family Health Insurance Policy does not cover any type of health disease caused due to excess consumption of alcohol or drugs that are not prescribed by any doctor.
  2. . Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( STDs) like AIDS or HIV are not included in the Family Health Insurance Policy.
  3. Any procedure for complications in pregnancy like abortion, infertility, miscarriage, or any treatment related to childbirth is not covered under any Family Health Insurance Policy.
  4. Non – allopathic treatments are not aided under the Family Health Insurance Policy.
  5. Any assistance for dental or oral procedures is not covered.
  6. Any expense for any loss or damage caused due to mental disorder is not covered by the Family Health Insurance Policy.
  7. No diagnostic fees will be issued if the policyholder has no positive sign of the disease, but he or she wants to undergo the medical tests.
  8. Any damage or loss caused because of a suicidal attempt of the policyholder is strictly excluded from the Family Health Insurance Policy.

Eligibility Criteria for Family Health Insurance Plan

Entry Age for the Policyholder/Proposer under Family Health Insurance Plan:

Usually, it should between the age group of 18 to 65 years. But there are some insurers as that offer the policy up to the age of 70 years and above.

Entry Age for Family Members under Family Health Insurance Plan:

For Adults: Generally 18 to 65 yrs.

For Dependent Children:You can insure a baby of 90 (this may differ from insurer to insurer) to 25 years.

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