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What is Equipment Financing?

Equipment financing is a fast and smooth way to fund up to 100% amount of the computers, machinery, vehicles, or anything else you need to run your business. Equipment Financing is essentially taking a loan or a lease in order to muster up the funds to get the hard assets for facilitating your business. Businesses tend to go for equipment financing when they encounter one of the following situations:

  • Business requires expensive equipment but they can’t afford the pricing or are unwilling to spend exsisting capital
  • The equipment for your business needs to be replaced on a frequent basis since it has short lifespan/ is vulnerable to quick wear and tear
  • You need the latest technology frquently.

Equipment Financing Eligibility

SME Equipment Financing Loans in India are offered to companies/ partnership companies in select sectors of the economy such as Automobiles, Auto-Anciliary along woth Food and Agri-Processing . The criteria for availing such kind of loans for equipment financing are as follows:

  • Company/Firm should have been in business for at the very least 3 years in the previously audited Financial Year (FY)
  • A Greenfield Project will only be taken into consideration from well-established players in that particular business
  • Dealer Inventory Funding Loans will only be taken into consideration for well-established dealers working with reputed automobile OEMs

How to apply for Equipment Finance

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Advantages of Equipment Financing


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FREQUEntly Asked Questions

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1. How Does Equipment Financing Works or Operate?
It takes funds to make funds,owner of every small business knows that. Quite often, you just need that new piece of equipment or machinery to seal the deal and start earning in more revenue… But how can you afford it? Fortunately, this is a challenge, at FinBucket. we can help you solve this challenge.
2. Why is it good to Use Equipment as Collateral ?
When your business needs a particular funds for equipment to get started or reach the next level, a small business equipment loan could be the correct move. You can use equipment financing to buy almost any kind of business equipment, from computers to cars and everything in between. How much you can borrow depends on the type of equipment you’re purchasing and whether that equipment is new or used, since it actually serves as collateral to secure your loan. If you’ve ever had a car loan, you’re already familiar with the idea: The price of that equipment precept the amount and terms of your equipment financing, and you won’t need to put up any additional collateral. And here’s a good thing to know: Most equipment loans are made at fixed interest rates commonly between 8% and 30% with set term lengths, so you can expect the same payment each and every month.
3. How Long Does Equipment Financing Last?
For how long you can prolong the term of your equipment loan rely upon the sort of equipment you’re financing, as well as its anticipated lifetime.Sensibly, not too many lenders want to widen their equipment loan terms beyond when that piece of equipment is expected to be useful…After all, the whole point is that they’re financing a tangible asset that will give your business value.
Despite business lines of credit don’t really have term lengths you can withdraw and pay back those amount indefinitely,as long as your lender believes that you’re a reliable borrower these labels help you compare short-term loans with short-term lines of credit and traditional term (or “medium-term”) loans with medium-term lines of credit. The variance are commonly in their minimum qualifications, maximum fund amounts, and interest rates.

4. What Will Equipment Financing Cost You?
With equipment financing, the thing to keep in mind is that it resists you from needing to pay the entire cost of that equipment upfront. Instead, you’ll repay it off in regular installments. However, you’ll be reimbursing more to finance that equipment with an equipment loan than you’d pay if you have purchased it-outright without financing. The trade-off is for those business who can’t afford large expense or don’t want to deplete their cash with such a large purchase.
5. Who can qualify for Equipment Financing?
As it clothe, most businesses can qualify for equipment financing. How much you qualify for and the interest rate you’ll pay rely on: the value of that equipment, your business’s financial history, and your credit score. Equipment financing can be a great preference if your credit rating is less than perfect, too, since the equipment acts as collateral: Indeed, equipment lenders are just as concerned with what’s securing their loan as with your borrowing history.


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