DSA Roles and Regulations are somewhere the same as all Banks and  Financial institutions but in most cases when you apply for a DSA role for a particular bank and other financial institutions you have to go through the company-specific DSA Agreement which contains all the  DSA roles and regulations applicable. Become a DSA with Finbucket.com

Code of Conduct for the Direct Selling Agents (DSAs)

Loan DSA’s (direct selling Agents) are the one who connects an individual to the loan provider, take care of the needed documentation for Loan Application forms, do fundamental check for application and ensure that the submitted documents are by the guidelines of the loan provider.

The Code of Conduct for the Direct Selling Agents/DSA roles is non-statutory.

1. Applicability

Code of Conduct for DSA’s should be accepted and included as a part of the DSA Roles Agreement between Banks and DSA This Code will, therefore, apply to all the persons employed by DSA who would be involved in marketing and distributions of the services of banks and financial institutions. Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in permanent termination of the business tie-up of the DSA with Banks and may even lead to permanent blacklisting by the industry.

2. Tele-calling a Prospect (a prospective customer)

Contact a Prospect only when:

A prospect has expressed his/her desire to take a product via the bank’s internet site/branch/call center or has been referred by another prospect/client or through the Relationship manager, or is an existing customer of the bank who has given acceptance for receiving calls for the other products of the bank.

The DSA will not contact those prospects for the next 3 months who have denied the offerings.

3. When you may contact a prospect on a telephone

Contacting the prospect must normally be limited to working hrs. DSA should ensure that he will only call when the call is expected to inconvenience him/her.

4. Can the prospect’s interest be discussed with anybody else? 

Prospect’s privacy should be the priority of DSA. The interest of the prospect is generally discussed only with the prospect If the prospect has authorized any other individual/family member /spouse/accountant/secretary can be contacted.

5.Leaving messages and contacting persons other than the prospect.

DSA should call to the prospect only. When the prospect is not available, a message may be drafted for him/her. the objective of the message should be to get the prospect to call back or to check for a convenient time to call again, formatting of the message should be as:

Please leave a message that AAA (Name of officer) representing XXX called and requested to call back at ZZZ (phone number)”.

6. No misleading statements/misrepresentations permitted

The DSA will not

  1. misguide the prospect of any offered service/product.
  2. falsely represent themselves, misguided about the bank and financial institution.
  3. make any fake promises on behalf of the bank and financial institution.

7. Telemarketing Etiquettes


  1. Do not make it before 0930 to 1900hrs.
  2. No serial calling
  3. No calls on the flagged numbers, identify the do not disturb numbers.

During call

  1. DSA should identify himself/herself
  2. Seek permission to proceed
  3. Do not force if denied rather apologize and firmly disconnect
  4. State the valid reason for the call
  5. Never   interrupt or argue
  6. Talk in the language that is most comfortable to the prospect

If the prospect plans to buy the product

  1. reconfirm the next call and visit details.
  2. Provide their telephone no. if asked by the customer
  3. Thank the customer for his/her time.

Post call

  1. Never call for the next 3 months to those prospects who denied the offering.
  2. Never call those customers who already have enrolled in the same service you are offering

8. Gifts or bribes

DSA must not accept any kind of bribe or gift offered by the prospect. he must inform you about this with the management.

9.  Visits/Contacts Precautions:

DSA should:

  • Respect the personal space of prospect
  • not enter the prospects office/residence without his/her wish
  • not visit in groups
  • Respect prospects Privacy
  • Maintain professional distance

10. Appearance & Dress Code

DSA must dress properly:

For men:

  • Ironed trousers
  • ironed shirt, shirt sleeves preferably down

For women

  • Ironed formal attire, Saree, Suit, etc
  • Good appearance

11. Handling of letters & other communication

DSA should follow the prescribed format for business-related communications.

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