Kotak Mahindra Bank is a Private sector bank having its base in India. It has its Headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Reserve Bank of India gave the license to the Kotak Bank in 2003 to carry banking operations. It offers a variety of credit cards to its customers to enable them to carry out cashless payments. The Bank also provides a simple and easy way for the customers to make Kotak Credit Card Payment.

Kotak Mahindra Bank enables the customers to make the Kotak Credit Card Payment through online as well as online methods.

Kotak Credit Card Payment

Kotak Credit Card Payment Online

Their several ways you can make Kotak Credit Card Payment online. They are as the following

Net Banking

You can easily make your credit card payments using your savings or current account. The feature you require to pay using these accounts is net banking. The following steps are necessary to complete the process

  • Firstly, log in to your Kotak Net Banking Account.
  • Then, opt for ‘Credit Cards’ from the homepage.
  • Select the option of ‘Payments’.
  • Further, click on the ‘Make Payment’ option.

Mobile Banking

The Kotak Credit Card Payment can also be made using Kotak Mahindra Bank’s mobile application. You need to take the following steps to pay using Mobile Banking

  • Visit the ‘Kotak Mobile Banking’ website.
  • Go to the Home Page.
  • Further, select your credit card out of the options available.
  • Consequently, make the CC Payments.


Another method to make an online Kotak Credit Card Payment is using the feature of WebPAY. You need to follow these steps to make the payments

  • Visit the Kotak WebPAY
  • Provide the details in the form.
  • Further, select the savings bank account you want to make the payments from.
  • Confirm the payment.
  • You will thus receive the online confirmation of payment and the Transaction Reference Number.


To make the payments using the PaytmPAY feature, take the following steps

  • Visit the Kotak WebPAY
  • Provide the prescribed details.
  • Select the savings account bank from the list.
  • Confirm your payment.
  • You will thus receive the online confirmation of payment and the Transaction Reference Number.


NEFT stands for National Electronic Funds Transfer. You can use this feature to make payments using any bank branch to another. These are the following steps to make the payment using NEFT

  • Firstly, you need to log in to your non-Kotak bank account.
  • Then, select the option of NEFT.
  • Consequently, you need to register for payment to the Kotak Credit Cards.
  • Fill all the appropriate details.

The IFSC Code to mention is KKBK0000958 and the Bank Address is ‘Main Branch, Mumbai’. You need to select the account type-52 for NEFT.


To use the IMPS feature, you need to download the mobile application of Kotak. Take the steps as mentioned below

  • Generate your MPIN.
  • Log in to your mobile banking account.
  • Click ‘Banking’.
  • Then, click on ‘IMPS’.
  • Enter all the details.
  • Click on ‘Go’.
  • Further, confirm the payment.
  • You will then receive your transaction details.

It takes 24 hours for the payments to realize.

Auto Debit

The Auto Debit feature enables you to make the payments automatically from your bank account. You need to fill the Auto Debit Authorization Form. Then, submit this signed copy of the form at any of the Kotak Mahindra Bank Branch or fax it to

‘Manager – Customer Correspondence Centre
Kotak Mahindra Bank
Attn: Customer Correspondence Unit – Credit Cards
3rd Floor, Akruti SMC Centre, Khopat,
Next to ST Stand, Thane (W) – 400601’

Kotak Credit Card Payment Offline

The customers of Kotak Credit Card can also make their bill payments in the traditional methods. These are the following offline methods available to the customers.

Over the Branch Counter Payment

You can visit your nearest Kotak Mahindra Bank branch and make the necessary payment there. To find a branch near you, SMS ‘K Branch <6-digit PIN Code>’ to 5676788 or 9971056767.

This feature requires you to pay an additional charge of INR 100 for accessing the services.

Cheque Payment

To pay by cheque, you can drop it at one of your nearest drop boxes located in the ATMs and branches. The cheque is payable to Kotak Mahindra Bank A/C < The 16-digit Credit Card Number>

It takes 5 working days for the payment to reflect on your Kotak Credit Card.

Phone Banking Payment

To use this feature, the customers can take the following steps

  • Contact Kotak Customer Care.
  • Select the option of Banking.
  • Further, request the Kotak Bank Executive to transfer the amount from your savings or the current account to your Kotak Credit Card account.

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