On applying for an HDFC Credit Card, the applicants receive an Application Reference Number and an Application Form Number. They receive them over an SMS to the registered mobile number. The applicants can track the status of their credit card application while the process is ongoing. HDFC Credit Card Status can be tracked either through online or offline methods. The service is provided irrespective of the Credit Card you have applied

Pre-requisite to checking HDFC Credit card status

You need the given information before you take any step to track your HDFC credit card status:

  • Credit card application number
  • Credit card reference number (if applicable)
  • PAN card/Mobile number
  • Date of birth

Benefits of HDFC credit cards

1) Safety: 

Using a credit card is not only convenient but also safer than carrying cash for transactions. The gateways used for payments are Visa or Mastercard, which are secured. These transactions are password protected as well.  

2) Cash-back:

Users can also avail the benefit of cash-back while using it for shopping grocery, paying bills, etc. The amount is directly added to your bank account. 

3) Reward points: 

Along with a cash-back facility, you also get reward points for every purchase you make. HDFC credit card offers 2-5 points for every purchase worth Rs.150. Afterward, you can use these reward points to make purchases. 

4) Grace period: 

If you fall short of cash, you can delay the payment till your bill your due. Generally, a maximum of 50 days is allowed as a grace period by the banks.

HDFC Credit Card Status Online Tracking

The Applicants can receive the details regarding their HDFC Credit Card Status through the following methods. They do not take the time to reach you as the services are quick.

On the website

  • Visit the HDFC Bank.
  • Put your cursor on ‘Products’, followed by ‘Cards’.
  • Click the option of ‘Credit Card’ and a new page will open.
  • Scroll below and find the option of ‘Track your Credit Card Application Status’ under the heading of ‘Important Links’.
  • Fill the 16- digit ‘Application Reference Number’ or the ‘Application Form Number’ or your ‘Date of Birth’ in the prescribed boxes to move further.
  • Fill the prescribed box for your registered mobile number and click on ‘Submit’.

You will further be intimated by your Application Status.

Through the mobile number

The applicants can track their application status using their registered mobile number as well.

  • Visit the ‘Track your application’ website.
  • Enter the mobile number you shared while applying for the credit card.
  • Further, you will receive an OTP (One Time Password) on your mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP in the box and click ‘Submit’.

This will show you the status of your credit card application.

Through the Air Way Bill Number

Once the applicant’s credit card application gets approval, he/she receives a letter stating their Air Way Bill Number. It gives details regarding the shipment carrying your credit card and can come into use to know the status details.

Via Application Reference Number

To carry out this process, you need the acknowledgment receipt given to you during your application. On this, you need to feed in the application reference number on the ‘Track your Credit Card’ page along with your mobile number. Finally, you’ll get the status of your credit card status.

Via Application Form Number

To check your credit card status, you need to fill in your form number and your mobile number on the ‘Track your Credit card’ page. Following this, you will get your credit card status.

Via Date of Birth

Another option you can avail of is by entering your date of birth along with your mobile number on the ‘Track your credit card’ page. This is the most convenient of the above mentioned as this does not involve keeping any application number with you.

Kinds of HDFC Credit Card Status

HDFC Credit Card Status

On clicking the buttons under either option, you are going to receive the status of your HDFC Credit Card Application. The status can be to the tune of the following

  • ‘Disapproved’
  • ‘In process’
  • ‘On hold‘
  • ‘Dispatched’
  • ‘No records found’

Meaning of each stage of HDFC credit card application status

The status showing ‘Disapproved’ means that the Application has been rejected due to the inability of the Applicant to meet the eligibility criteria as per the norms of the bank. For any information related to this, one can contact the HDFC Bank Credit Card Customer Care.

  • The status ‘in process’ denotes that the Bank is still in the process of working upon your HDFC Credit Card Application.
  • When your HDFC Credit Card Application is kept on hold due to the want of more documents or the failure of document verification, the status shows ‘on hold’.
  • If the status shows ‘Dispatched’, you can expect the credit card within a day or two. The HDFC Bank sends an SMS to the Applicant highlighting the details of the delivery and the expected time.
  • ‘No records found’ generally occurs due to filling wrong information in the appropriate boxes. You can contact the HDFC Customer Care if the problem persists.

HDFC Credit Card Status Offline Tracking

The offline methods to track the HDFC Credit Card come into use when you manually need to get the details. You can do the following for an offline response:

  • Contact the HDFC Customer Care at a toll-free number of 1800-266-4332. The services are accessible round the clock. You need to provide information about the application number/reference number, mobile number, and date of birth.
  • Visit the nearest HDFC Bank branch to get the relevant details regarding your application status.
  • You can register yourself for SMS alert services for the same. Most banks alert the user after the credit card is dispatched. Through this, you’ll get the information about the delivery agent/courier and the Airway Bill number.

Offline methods also require you to produce your ‘Application Reference Number’ or the ‘Application Form Number’ for the process to go further. On providing these relevant details, you will gain access to the status of your HDFC Credit Card.

Credit card safety tips

A credit card is your cash

Don’t think your credit card is just a piece of plastic. Once it goes out of sight, anyone can make transactions without having an OTP using only the credit card number and CVV number. So we advise you to beware of such acts.

Keep your sign at the back of your credit card

It is advised that you sign the back of your credit card while receiving it. In case you lose the credit card, anyone can make transactions on it and sign their name on the receipt and the back of the credit card.

File report for a lost credit card or fraudulent transactions

We highly recommend that you should report in case you lose your credit card right away. Credit cards grant a window of 3 days, during which you should report any fraudulent transactions (otherwise you will be liable to pay for the same).

Always keep the receipts with you 

Using this method, you can compare the transactions with the receipts to the amount you were charged. It reduces the chances of error.

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