HDFC (Housing Development Finance Corporation) Bank is a bank based in India. The head office is at Mumbai, Maharashtra. Since its inception in 1994, the HDFC Bank has become one of the largest private sector banks in India. It provides services relating to the issuing of credit cards to its customers. HDFC Bank Credit Card Payment can be done online as well as offline means.

HDFC Bank Credit Card Payment Online

There are several ways in which you can make HDFC Bank Credit Card Payment Online. The ways are mentioned below.

HDFC Bank Credit Card Payment Online

For HDFC Bank account holders

For those who have a bank account with the HDFC Bank, the following are the ways

HDFC Bank Net Banking

HDFC Bank requires its customers to follows certain steps to make payments through the use of the Net Banking facility. The customers first need to complete the process of registration to use this service. The process is as follows

  • Visit the HDFC Bank page for ‘Making Payments’.
  • Then, click on ‘Login’ and select the option of ‘Net Banking’.
  • Fill your User ID or Customer ID in the prescribed box for Net Banking Login and click ‘Continue’.
  • Subsequently, click on ‘Cards’, followed by ‘Credit Cards’.
  • Further, opt for ‘Register New Card’.
  • Consequently, fill the relevant details.
  • Click on ‘Submit’.

Once the registration is complete, the customers of HDFC Bank can use the Net Banking facility to make the payments. They can also view all the relevant information about their credit cards using this facility.

HDFC Bank Mobile Application

  • Install the HDFC Bank mobile application.
  • Then, log in using the Customer ID.
  • Visit ‘Credit Card’ and click on the option ‘Credit Card Payment’.

The customers can thus make HDFC Bank Credit Card Payment using their savings account.

ATM Funds Transfer

You can also make HDFC Bank Credit Card Payment using your ATM with the HDFC Bank across the country. This facility is available round the clock. The amount is transferred from your savings or current account to the credit card account.

Autopay feature

This feature allows you to automatically pay your credit card bills from your HDFC Bank account. The amount is supposed to either be the minimum amount due or total amount due to your monthly outstanding on your Credit Card. Your HDFC Bank account can either be a sole account or a joint account. To avail this feature, fill the Autopay Registration Form and submit it to any branch of the HDFC Bank.

For non-HDFC Bank account holders

Net Banking

  • Visit the HDFC Bank webpage where you can make use of the non-HDFC Bank Net Banking facility.
  • Click on ‘Pay’.
  • Fill the relevant details which include your HDFC Bank credit card number, email-id, payment amount, and the Bank’s name with which you hold the account.
  • Consequently, select ‘Pay’.
  • Then, enter your authentication details, which is your user ID and password.
  • Your account shall get debited.
  • Further, you will receive a Transaction Reference Number and a transaction acknowledgment over mail.

NEFT/Visa Money Transfer

You can transfer money from your bank account to make HDFC Bank Credit Card Payments. You are required to use IFSC Code HDFC0000128 for card payment through NEFT.

HDFC Bank Credit Card Payment Offline

The offline methods to make payments require you to manually complete the process with either of the following options

HDFC Bank Credit Card Payment Offline

Cheque Payments

The HDFC Bank credit card customers are to follow the steps as mentioned

  • Write a cheque payable to HDFC BANK Card a/c followed by their credit card numbers.
  • Further, drop them at any of the drop boxes located in HDFC Bank ATMs and branches.
  • Within 3 working days, the amount gets credit to your credit card account.

Over the Counter Cash Payment

HDFC Bank credit card customers can make their payments for their bills by visiting a branch of HDFC Bank. The payment takes place in the form of cash, along with a cash processing fee of INR 100. You can visit the nearest branch or the ATM of the HDFC Bank by using the Branch and ATM Locater to do the needful.

HDFC Bank Credit Card Payment Statement

HDFC Bank provides details about the credit cards to its customers every month. This service is free of cost. Do one of the following to get this service

  • Submit a duly filled E-age Form to the nearest HDFC Bank branch.
  • Register for e-statements under the process of Net Banking.

These will set in motion the process where you get regular monthly updates regarding your HDFC Bank credit card on your mail.

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