The first branch of Citibank was set up in India in the year 1902. The current head office of Citibank is at Mumbai, Maharashtra. It offers the services of issuing credit cards to the Citibank customers. The customers can select a credit card out a range of them, based on their requirement. To provide efficient services to its customers, it intimates them of their Citibank Credit Card Status while the application process is ongoing. The applicants can track the status of their credit card application either online or offline.

Tracking Citibank Credit Card Status Online

The applicants can check the Citibank Credit Card Status by sitting in the comforts of their home. Just follow the following process for an online method.

  • Visit the Citibank official website.
  • Click on ‘Credit Cards’ from the menu bar.
  • A drop box will further open.
  • Click on the option of ‘Track Application Status’.
  • Further, a new page will open up ‘Credit Card-Application Status’.
  • Fill in your Application Reference Number and the Mobile Number in the prescribed boxes.
  • Click on ‘Submit’.

Your Application Reference Number is the 11-digit number that you receive within 2 working days of the date of your application. This number is sent to your registered mobile number.

Types of Citibank Credit Card Status

After following the above process, you are going to receive your Citibank Credit Card Status. The status can be displayed as one of the following

  • ‘Approved’
  • ‘Disapproved’
  • ‘On hold‘
  • ‘Dispatched’
  • ‘In progress’
  • ‘No records found’

Citibank Credit Card Status

The status ‘Approved’ connotes the approval of your Credit Card application. Thus, you can expect the delivery of your credit card within 2 working days.

The status displaying ‘Disapproved’ means the rejection of your application. This generally is indicative of the fact that the applicant is not fulfilling the eligibility criteria of the Citibank credit cards. However, if the applicant wishes to know the reason and information behind it, they can contact the Citibank Credit Card Customer Care.

When your Citibank Credit Card Application is stuck, the status shows ‘On hold’. It can happen due to

  • Not submitting all the relevant documents to the Citibank during the process, or
  • The documents not clearing the verification process.

In these situations, a Citibank representative shall contact the applicant to discuss and settle the issue.

If the status is displayed as ‘Dispatched’, it means that the credit card is in the process of arrival to the customer. It is a necessity that the applicants receive the credit card themselves when the delivery takes place.

The status ‘In progress’ indicates that the Citibank is still in the process of reviewing your credit card application.

‘No records found’ generally means that the applicant has filled incorrect information in the application process. They can thus contact the Citibank Customer Care services for further assistance.

Tracking Citibank Credit Card Status Offline

The applicants of the Citibank Credit Cards can also track the status of their application traditionally. Offline methods require customers to manually extract the relevant information. There are 2 offline methods to track the Citibank Credit Card Status. The applicants can choose one of the following

  • The applicants can contact Citibank Customer Care to avail of the services. Contact them on the number 1860 210 2484. This service is accessible from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M on all days except Sundays and National Holidays.
  • Visit the nearest Citibank branch with your Application Reference Number. A Citibank representative shall assist in informing you of Citibank Credit Card Application Status.

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