How to get your Personal Loan Approved

Overview A personal loan refers to the unsecured loan that is extended by Financial Institutions. Personal loans do not carry the requirement of collateral being termed unsecured. This kind of loan is given to the applicants solely on their credit history and ability to repay the loans from their current personal income. In personal loans, the financial institution interest rates are not usually fixed but the interest rate charged differs from Financial Institutions to Financial Institutions. Moreover, as a rough guide, interest rates on a personal loan range from 11-37% [...]

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DSA(Direct Selling Agent) Agreement

A Legal Agreement written between a Bank and an Agent authorized to sell the services of a Bank/ Financial Institutions is a DSA  Agreement. It comprises details about the appointment, rights and answerability, and all terms and conditions related with the services of a Direct Selling Agent (DSA) certified by a Bank/ Financial Institutions for the purpose of selling or distributing its products/services within the specified jurisdictional areas on its behalf. Procedure for Direct Selling Agent Agreement: Procedure for DSA Agreement is easy with us at   Complete our Simple Form Online [...]

Need A Personal Loan? Get it with us at LegalRaasta

Need A Personal Loan? Firstly, Know what personal loan is! and what to do when you need a personal loan? The personal loan comes under Unsecured loans which means if you want to take a personal loan there will be no need for you to use an asset as collateral or guarantee. Personal loans are for those people who don't want to go through the hassles of providing security or collateral and these loans come with manageable Interest rates and minimum documentation. If you need a personal loan you can check [...]

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Personal loan details

What Is Personal Loan? A personal loan is an unsecured loan which helps to meet person's current financial needs. Unsecured loans without collateral. The personal loan provides you with the opportunity to use the funds as per your convenience and need. Personal Loan acts as an instant solution for cash and can be used to meet wedding, traveling, home renovation, medical emergency expenses etc. To avail Personal Loan, you need to first check the eligibility criteria. For this, you can visit your nearest bank  or financial institution for personal loan to [...]

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Personal Loan Interest Rates

The Personal loan interest is charged on a personal which is to be paid by an individual. Personal loan is a source of external money which can be taken for many purposes as well as it is the most common route for the people to resolve their financial issues. However, personal loan can be taken by: A bank, or Non-banking financial company (NBFC) There are various banks and Non-banking Financial Companies which offer it to an applicant, only the condition is that the applicant must fulfill the criteria of the bank [...]

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Factors influencing personal loan

There are lots of Personal loan benefits. It can be used in numerous of ways such as for a holiday trip, buying furniture, renovating the house, medical emergency etc. Benefits of Personal Loan End-use unlimited One of the benefits of personal loan is end-use unlimited. You get the cash & you use it for any purpose; not like home loans & like. This is just one instance, there are many out there. Whenever you have urgent requirement of funds cash it out. Fast flow-in Meeting the eligibility & credit score, [...]

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Personal Loan vs Gold Loan

Generating personal loan might be a great option but there is very few financing option form the bank sector which provides the flexible personal loan at the time of emergency. The other alternative which is available in the form of secured loan is a gold loan because of less documentation and fast disbursal. However, both the loans have their own advantages and disadvantages, which may prove beneficial in different ways. What is Gold Loan? Gold loans are the secured loan which is given by any bank or any financial institution [...]

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Personal Loan Repayment

Personal Loan Repayment on low salary The good thing about the personal loans is that it is affordable even for those who has a low salary. All individuals with low salary face some kind of financial problems. There are also instant financial needs which a person needs to fulfill but because of low salary issues, a person cannot fulfill his goals or needs. Personal loans is the easy option for a person with a low salary to secure. Various other loans require quite a big amount of income to get [...]

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Personal Loan for CIBIL Defaulters

Personal loans Among all other loans, the personal loan is one of the easiest loans a person can get if he/she is not a CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Ltd.) defaulter. CIBIL defaulter means that a person has been a defaulter of previous loans. If you are not a CIBIL defaulter then a personal loan is a good choice for you. However, the interest rate on the personal loan is high. A person can fulfill his monetary requirements. And can use it for multiple uses such as marriage, buying electronic equipment etc. [...]

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Personal Loan against LIC policy

Personal loan against LIC policy People can even apply for the personal loan against LIC policy. At times when a person is surrounded by financial trouble and there is an urgent need for money, then a person tends to borrow money from friends or acquaintance. However, you have the option of taking a personal loan from the bank. It is a quick way to get money to fulfill financial needs. Although interest rates charged by the banks are very high for personal loans. For those people who can't afford to pay such high-interest [...]

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