DSA(Direct Selling Agent) Agreement

A Legal Agreement written between a Bank and an Agent authorized to sell the services of a Bank/ Financial institution is a DSA  Agreement. It comprises details about the appointment, rights and answerability, and all terms and conditions related to the services of a Direct Selling Agent (DSA) certified by a Bank/ Financial institution to sell or distribute its products/services within the specified jurisdictional areas on its behalf. Procedure for Direct Selling Agent Agreement: Procedure for DSA Agreement is easy with us at Legalraasta.com   Complete our Simple Form Online Fill up your [...]

Ways to Reduce Life Insurance Premium

Every insurance company deals with a life insurance policy, it is advisable to go through every detail before buying it.  The life insurance premium will be decided according to the risk involved. In many cases, an insurer can reject the claim of the insured because of certain exclusions in life insurance. Mentioned below are some conditions which increase life insurance premium: 1. Excessive Drinking and Smoking As we all know excessive drinking and smoking habit is bad for health and will increase the risks of mortality. Before buying a life [...]

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Common Exclusions in Life Insurance Policies

In the insurance contract, an insurer promised to cover damages suffered by an insured during the emergency according to the contract's terms. However, an insurance company wants to limit their losses, by inserting some exclusions in life insurance policies. There are certain events and conditions that are not covered by an insurance policy and these are referred to as "exclusions in life insurance". For example, An individual opts for a life insurance policy but suddenly decided to end his life by committing suicide. As per the life insurance policy, the [...]

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Why Term Insurance Renewal is Much Important?

We start thinking about the safety of us and our beloved ones from a very small age. It is so because our life is full of uncertainties. One such initiative which an individual takes today is buying a life insurance policy. It is to safeguard the future of the family. A life insurance policy gives a financial backup to the insured as a death benefit in exchange for the premium. In this article, we will study about life insurance renewal and its importance. The buyer should think regularly about the premium while buying [...]

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Financial Security by Life Insurane

Have you ever thought after your death, what will happen to the family members? How will they manage themselves? Who will provide them with financial security? How would they pay for food, clothes, school bags? Is the other partner is financially capable enough to manage the family alone?  Would they have to seek government benefits? A life insurance policy is a cost-effective way to safeguard your loved one in case of your untimely demise. By taking good life insurance, one tends to shift their liability on the insurer, so that the [...]

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Select a Best Life Insurance Plan For Yourself

A life insurance plan covers you against the various risks of life and gives financial protection to you and your family. A company will provide you with insurance according to your salary or earnings. According to the basic rule, a company should give you insurance 10 times of your annual earnings. The policyholder will get a lump sum amount if he/she dies, unfortunately. The amount paid to the beneficiary will let them live their life without any compromisation. Benefits of A Life Insurance delivering of money at regular intervals protects [...]

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All about Life Insurance Agent

As people are becoming aware of insurance benefits that lead to accelerating competition in the insurance sector. Now, every life insurance agent wants to increase his number of clients, as they work on a commission basis. Hence, the bigger the life insurance policy is sold, the higher an incentive is earned. Hence, it is mandatory on the client end to check and judge the credibility of a life insurance agent. Mentioned below are some points before checking the credibility of an insurance agent  Make Sure the Life Insurance Agent Has [...]

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Key considerations for Life Insurance

A life insurance plan is an important need that provides financial security for your loved one and it also another way of investing in the market. Moreover, It also helps to save taxes. That is why one must consider the following points before buying the life insurance plan. The signing of a blank proposal form Before opting for a life insurance policy, make sure that you have properly read all the details in the proposal form, and never make a mistake of signing a blank proposal form. Make sure that [...]

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Requirement of Life Insurance for Women

Gone are the days when men were the only breadwinners of the family. Today, women also take the equal initiative to run the family by engaging either in a job or business. They are earning more than men and sometimes they are the only ones to look after the family. Hence having life insurance for women is equally at par with the requirement of life insurance for men. Generally, the family tends to skip life insurance for women. Men are the priority for having life insurance, whereas women are themselves underconfident [...]

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Life Insurance: Points to be Considered Before Purchasing

Reach Out To An Insurance Agent  The first and foremost thing you need to do is reach out to an insurance agent and talk to the agent. The insurance agent will help you evaluate your insurance needs and accordingly give you information about available life insurance policies. The insurance agent will assist you to review your insurance needs. If you already have an existing life insurance policy then you mustn't drop your current life insurance policy and buy another life insurance policy without a thorough study of the new policy [...]

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