How to check vehicle owner details by registration number

In India, reckless drivers fleeing the scene of an accident are all too often. For individuals who aren't used to driving on Indian roads, they can be dangerous. If you are a victim of such an occurrence and have the vehicle's registration number, you can look up the owner's information online. The registration number can be used to check the vehicle owner's details online. If your car or property is damaged as a result of the stated motor vehicle, you can make a legal complaint. Additionally, if you're buying a [...]

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Vehicle Transfer Process

You must register your automobile or motorcycle if you intend to use it on public roads. The registration process takes place at your local Regional Transport Office (RTO). You will receive a Registration Certificate after your registration is complete (RC). This paper functions as a kind of proof of ownership. As a result, when you transfer ownership of your vehicle to another individual, you must also pass the RC to them. The transfer of a Registration Certificate necessitates the submission of the proper documentation. It may also differ if you [...]

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LIC Jeevan Anand Policy: Features, benefits and how it works

The LIC New Jeevan Anand Policy is a non-linked participating plan that offers an appealing combination of protection and savings. This plan provides financial protection against death for the policyholder's whole life, with the option of receiving a lump sum payment at the conclusion of the policy term if the policyholder survives. With the lending facility, it also takes care of liquidity requirements. It's a classic savings and insurance policy that provides protection in the event of a disaster. The plan is in place to offer the necessary financial assistance [...]

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What is Insured Declared Value (IDV)?

Many Indian automobile owners believe that car insurance is complicated. One cause for this could be the terminology employed (for example, Insured Declared Value), which a layperson could find difficult to comprehend. Understanding their meaning and influence on vehicle insurance coverage, premiums, and claims is one method to simplify them. Here's all you need to know about IDV, including what it is, how it's calculated, and how to declare the correct IDV, among other things. What is Insured Declared Value (IDV)? Meaning Insured Declared Value, or IDV for short, is [...]

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Non-Life Insurance Policy: Types, Features, Benefits & Importance

There are two types of insurance in India: life and non-life insurance. General insurance is very popular since it provides financial compensation in the event of a loss. Accidents, diseases, fires, natural or man-made disasters, and other events can all result in financial losses. What is a Non-Life Insurance Policy?   Non-life insurance is defined as a type of insurance that compensates the insured for losses sustained as a result of a specific financial event. Non-life insurance is also known as general insurance, property insurance, and casualty insurance. It can be [...]

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Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana

The expense of healthcare facilities is growing in today's world. Even families who are fortunate enough to experience a medical emergency find it challenging to keep up with the rising healthcare costs. While government hospitals operate at the lowest possible cost, some low-income families may not be able to afford medical treatment. This could be due to a variety of factors, including infrastructural and transportation issues. It's possible that they won't be able to receive treatment at the hospital of their choice. Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana was established to help [...]

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Employee Health Scheme Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh's state government has created an employee health scheme (ehs ap) that allows serving/retired employees and their dependent family members to receive cashless treatment at many impanelled hospitals throughout the state. The program replaces the current medical reimbursement program and includes additional elements such as chronic disease treatment and post-hospitalization care. Employees Health Scheme (ehs ap) is designed to provide cashless treatment to State Government employees, pensioners, and their dependent family members, and will essentially replace the existing medical reimbursement system under the 'Andhra Pradesh Integrated Medical Attendance Rules, [...]

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Ways to keep rodents, mice and rats away from car

People like to greet guests in their cars in the same way they do in their homes, especially if the car is new. In one's car, friends and family are always present. Cars are frequently the chosen means of transportation, whether it's for a road trip, a romantic night drive, or a group of friends visiting their favourite food spot. In the automobile, though, not everyone is welcome. Rats, mice or rodents become uninvited guests and cause damage to the car. Ways to Keep Rats Out of the Car: Here [...]

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How to Import Foreign Cars To India

From Indian celebs to corporate tycoons to cricketers, everyone has been in the news for owning an incredibly amazing imported foreign car. People are prepared to spend a lot of money to have such cars imported to India, a country that has a strict set of rules and restrictions in place when it comes to the import of foreign vehicles. Importing a foreign car into India is a time-consuming and somewhat complicated process. However, a person who is willing to invest both time and money in this endeavor can obtain [...]

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All about Regional Transport Office (RTO) & its Functions

Vehicles play an important role in people's lives. Indians rely on these vehicles to suit their transportation needs, whether it's a two-wheeler, a car, or cabs. Typically, the automobile sector is associated with massive manufacturing factories and alluring showrooms. However, the industry's back-end management portion frequently goes overlooked. The RTO are in charge of the majority of the automotive industry's operating components. RTO are most commonly connected with driver's licences and vehicle registrations, but they are also in charge of a variety of additional activities relating to the complete vehicle [...]

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