Health Insurance Plans For Expecting Parents In India

You all of them must have some of those insurances such as life, automobile, house etc but isn’t maternity insurance necessary? Nowadays child care is most expensive. Parents want everything perfect for their coming child whether his or her clothes, hygiene products, etc. also your health insurance might not cover your maternity expenses. So before you get financially burdened, maternity insurance is for you. Well, few insurance providers may offer maternity plan coverage in your general health insurance plan. It cost lesser than a separate maternity plan. But Unless you [...]

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Group Health Insurance

What is group health insurance? Group health insurance refers to a single plan which is issued to a single group. That group consisted of all appropriate employees of the organization and sometimes also includes their dependents as well. If you are an employer and thinking about buying insurance for your employees then it is great. There are many benefits to buying group insurance for your employees. Many people are unaware of the importance of insurance and hence leads to the financial burden on them. Nowadays corporate as well as government [...]

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Benefits Of Buying Insurance Online

Nowadays with advanced technology, everything is available online even insurance online. You can get anything anywhere from buying online. By analyzing the needs of the consumers, insurers also made available insurances whether it is health, life or can get the best insurance by comparing with different portals in just a few clicks even at your home.   Benefits of Buying insurance Online Here are some benefits that you can have while taking insurance online:- Benefit on purchases In online, the individual can directly deal with the insurance saves [...]

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Health Insurance Plans

Well, there are different health insurance types. well, first of all, know what is health insurance? It is an agreement between the individual and the insurance company that expenses are paid by the insurer if there is a medical emergency. A person gets free from the financial burden when you needed for treatment bills and expenses. It not only free you from burden but also gives you the tax benefit when you pay a premium towards the health insurance. it comes under the section 80D of income tax act. Every [...]

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Health Insurance

What is Health Insurances? Well, health insurance includes various plans and policies which helps you financially when you needed the most. for example, if you get hospitalized, then your health insurance policy reimburses the person for medical and the surgical treatments. But yes that person needs to give all documents related to it. The insurance company also provides the facility of cashless hospitalization. They provide reimbursement for the incurred expenses.   Health Insurances In India Health insurance is one of the fast-growing industries among all insurances. But still, it needs more [...]

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Myth About Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance is very important for our safety but some of us have health insurance myths. Nowadays many information is available for the almost all the types of insurance. As competition is increasing, it makes the insurers to give all the information, benefits and discounts to their customers. The main aim for them is to clear all the confusions and doubts of the buyers and guide them according to their needs. In this article, we will see some common myths of the people towards the health insurance.   9 Health [...]

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Impact of GST On Insurance Premium

We all know that GST is an indirect tax levied in India on the sales of goods and services. the primary objective is to simplify and unify all the indirect tax in the country. The new tax structure comes into effect from April 2017. Now there two tax components i.e .state GST and central GST   Impact of GST on the Insurance Sector The standard rate of GST is 15% which comprises as follows:- Basic service tax: -14 percent Swachh Bharat Cess:-5 percent Krishi Kalyan Cess:-50 percent   After the [...]

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Health Insurance Policy For NRI

If you are NRI and wanted a health insurance in India or considering a return to India then you need to know some conditions about this .while analysing you may be confused whether you will get the health insurance or not or can pay for the same through foreign currency or not etc. well you are not alone who is going on through this struggle as immigration is common these days. Are you eligible? Yes, you are eligible. You just need to give ITR, proof for the residence and other [...]

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Factors To Consider While Taking Health Insurance Policy

These days health insurance plans are popular. These policies help the person to get relieved from the huge expenses at the time of if you want to secure future of your family then health insurance is the right step. But it is important that you buy the right type of health insurance for you and your family .in the market, there are the variety of health insurances with different benefits. So while choosing the best health insurance for you, some factors should be taken care. Here is some main [...]

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How To Utilise Health Insurance Policy

Well, family health insurance policy is a necessity nowadays. many families buy insurance to relieve themselves from the financial burden when the need arises. it means that at the time of any sudden happening the are like a hope. well, all know that we should buy the health insurance policy but how to utilize it properly is not known by all. so this article will help you to know some certain points which will help you a lot.    The best utilization of health insurance policy Don't delay in buying health insurance well, it [...]

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