How to Choose Best Health Insurance Policy in India

In this piece, we're going to look at how you can choose the best health insurance policy in India. Index Health insurance importance for Millenials  What facilities are covered by health insurance  Types of Health Insurance in India Things to Consider while choosing the best health insurance policy in India. Policy Deciding Factors: Checklist Health Insurance: A necessity for the Millenial Health Insurance is probably one of the most underrated yet one of the most important insurance products you can buy. It basically covers the part or whole of the [...]

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DSA(Direct Selling Agent) Agreement

A Legal Agreement written between a Bank and an Agent authorized to sell the services of a Bank/ Financial institution is a DSA  Agreement. It comprises details about the appointment, rights and answerability, and all terms and conditions related to the services of a Direct Selling Agent (DSA) certified by a Bank/ Financial institution to sell or distribute its products/services within the specified jurisdictional areas on its behalf. Procedure for Direct Selling Agent Agreement: Procedure for DSA Agreement is easy with us at   Complete our Simple Form Online Fill up your [...]

LIC Health Insurance

LIC Jeevan Arogya Plan overview LIC Jeevan Arogya Plan is health insurance offered by LIC, a most trusted life insurance company in India. Well, it is not linked with the LIC. It provides full financial security when it comes to insurance in health and life. the company focuses on giving good financial coverage against death or illness at affordable rates. The funds get invested to the best of the investors to earn an attractive return. It is also known as “LIC health insurance” Health insurance now becomes a necessity. It [...]

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SBI Health Insurance

SBI General Health Insurance Overview SBI general insurance company is the joint venture of the state bank of India (74%)and the Australia group(26%).they has also established its presence across 14,000 branches of the state bank of India. SBI general currently serving three major segments: Retail segment(individuals and families) Corporate segments( mid to large size companies) SME segment Types of plan offered by SBI General Health Insurance Plan by SBI Every person has different needs and demands. hence all have different choices when it comes to buying health insurance. SBI has [...]

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Affordable Health Insurance Plans

It becomes highly difficult to choose a plan which is affordable health insurance as well as has good coverage. In the competitive world, there are a variety of health insurance products having different features. So to choose, you have to understand, check, and compare the different plans and policies. Nowadays many companies offer discounts and additional features with the insurance policy. Well there is no harm in finding the affordable health insurance policy but yes, you should think these questions before finalizing it: Will I able to afford the premium? [...]

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Best Family Floater Health Insurance Plans in India

The family health insurance plan is one that covers more than one person. a fixed cover floats over the entire family. Well, the family floater is similar to the individual plan but the only difference is that is extended to cover your entire family. Generally, a family health insurance plan covers the policyholder, his or her spouse along with 4 children. Some insurance company also covers the policy holder’s parents and in-laws in your existing health insurance plan at the cost of the additional premium. For example, if a person [...]

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Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich Health Insurance is one of the most trusted and popular health insurance companies in India. The statistics are really good- Over 80% of Apollo Munich's existing customers renew their policies each year, over 95% of the claims are settled within 30 days from the point of initiation of the claim with 15 days being the average claim settlement feedback, over 85% of Apollo Munich's customers respond positively. Truly, the company has the drive, recognition, and resources to maintain itself on top of the health insurance companies in [...]

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Religare Health Insurance

Religare Health Insurance Company Ltd. is one of the most popular health insurance providers. They have an effective distribution network of servicing and a variety of health insurance products. It is comprised of three interrelated organizations as its shareholders which are Religare Enterprise Limited, Corporation Bank, and Union Bank of India. It has a strong presence and over a million satisfied customers and more than 1700 offices throughout India. Nowadays, Health insurance has become a necessity for all. It gives financial security to the person when they need the most [...]

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Star Health Insurance

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd started its operations in 2006. they launched individual health plans, overseas Mediclaim, and personal accident insurance plans. They provide excellent services and customized products to meet the needs and demands of their customers. They have a capital base of Rs.1,050 crore. It is one of the largest private health insurance providers in India and the first company to provide a policy called Star Cardiac Care. This policy is launched for people suffering from cardiac ailments. Star health insurance offers a wide range of health [...]

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Health Insurance For Senior Citizens

senior citizens' health insurance is a necessity. Especially when you are planning to live on pension or interest from savings after is a crucial stage as you are more prone to diseases and illness. A sudden happening can lead to a financial burden on it is important to take a comprehensive senior citizen health insurance plan. the person who is between 65-80 years of age is eligible. You will be happy to know that according to IRDA guidelines that every health insurance company has to offer coverage to [...]

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