GST on Car

The vehicle business is one of India's quickest developing and most significant enterprises. This industry represents 49% of the nation's assembling GDP and 27% of the country's modern GDP. More than 37 million individuals are utilized because of it. Therefore, the vehicle business is liable for at minimum 15% of the country's general GST assortment. Besides, the new assessment system, otherwise called the GST on vehicles framework, has helped a few portions more than others. What is GST on Cars? By and large, the GST on a vehicle is dictated [...]

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Introduction to Goods and Service Tax (GST)

Introduction of  Gst means Goods and Service Tax. Has been introduced to substitute various indirect taxes imposed by Central and State Governments in a way to clarify the indirect tax system. It is a tax that is made on the sale, making, and the practice of the goods and services. It is an individual tax that is lived on the supply of goods and services. Right from the manufacturer to the customer. GST means is a consumption-based tax conclusively shown by the end consumer of goods or services. Businesses and [...]

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GST Registration: Types, Procedure, Reverse Charge, Exemptions and Compliance

What is GST Registration? After the roll-out of the GST (Goods and Service Tax) since July 2017, all the earlier indirect taxes, being imposed by the state or central government have been replaced. Under this GST system, it got mandatory to convert the previous VAT/CST State-wise Assessee and Service Tax or Excise assessee to the new tax reform and get GST Registration for their business. Moreover, every business whose turnover is more than Rs. 20 lakhs (except some northeastern states where the limit is 10 lakhs) is required to get registered as a [...]

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