Factors that effect your car insurance premium

Car insurance provides cover to your vehicle against any damage that may occur during an accident. Indian roads are insane and always prone to accidents. So one should not take risk of avoiding the insurance. To avoid this risk, the Motor Tribunal of India makes insurance compulsory for all vehicle owners. Car insurance premium is the amount that your insurer charges you for the cover provided. They charge you an annual premium for the cover. The difference in car insurance premium But, how car insurance premium differs in cases? There is a [...]

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Top Auto Insurance Myths you Should Avoid

When you buy auto insurance, it is necessary to understand factors affecting your premium. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to vary among the fact and fiction. As any field can have, this sector also has its set of auto insurance myths. This happens due to lack of proper understanding about motor insurance. It may also affect your choice of policy or obstruct the financial interests. This article, we’ve discussed some popular auto insurance myths, which may help you find the correct plan for your vehicle. Auto Insurance Myths Following are some of the auto insurance myths- [...]

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Does car insurance covers animal attack?

News has come a number of time-related to animal attack on humans. The attack on humans here means animals attacking humans while driving. And this especially occurring in areas on wildlife tourism or farm areas. New has also gone viral lots of time. Sometimes, the car driver managing to escape safely before the situation takes the wrong turn. Unfortunately, sometimes it ended up drastically. Imagine you are driving side by of a scenic forest and suddenly an animal appears. The possibility of a tragic collision is high and it may also [...]

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What are benefits of car insurance calculator

In India, an insurance policy is mandatory for all by the Motor Tribunal. Then also the word car insurance is not considered a novel word. But, it should not be bought due to compulsion only. One must also know the benefits of having car insurance. And moreover, it should be bought according to the needs of insurance. The car insurance calculator will help you to estimate premium that you need to pay. Buying an insurance is not everyone's cup of tea. that is why you need to be careful while [...]

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Auto Insurance Tips For New Buyers

In this article, you will find some important auto insurance tips that a first-time buyer must know. But before that, let's know about the importance of having an auto insurance. Planning to buy your first new vehicle? That's great! While planning your vehicle, auto insurance might be the last thing on your mind. But it is the most important thing. Having a third party auto insurance is made mandatory by the Motor Tribunal of India. The insurance provider will help you in the case of accidental damages to your vehicle. [...]

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Motor vehicle insurance types

The different auto insurance types that are available in India: Private car insurance: Car insurance is made compulsory for all vehicles in India by the motor tribunal. You are not allowed to drive a car if you don't have the car insurance. And if caught without insurance, you will be penalized. Two-wheeler insurance: Two-wheeler insurance is same as car insurance and covers two-wheeler of the self and third party as well. The necessity for two-wheeler insurance arose because of dangerous road conditions in India and the drastifying traffic conditions. Commercial vehicle [...]

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How modification effects car insurance?

The first question that arises in mind while it's about car insurance is, "how to keep the premium amount down?". But here, the most important question is "how to analyze factors which are making the premium price high?". Some crazy minds try to change the configuration of the car to gear up the performance and appearance of the car. But there is some issue as this will increase the premium of your modified car insurance. The foremost reason why your car insurance price is touching sky irrespective of your age or [...]

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Some Important Facts about Auto Insurance

Auto insurance facts that the company hides from you We buy a car insurance and pay a timely premium in the hope that we will never require to file a claim. However, unfortunately, if we need to file any claim, we expect the insurer to provide us claim. The insurance providers always work in the way to safeguard their own interests. That's the reason why the companies try to hide some important auto insurance facts from the insured. Whenever you buy an auto insurance, try to do some research and [...]

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Carry car insurance while relocating

Tips for relocating car insurance in India Just think that you are a government official and you are posted from your hometown to some other state. This can be due to your promotion. On one hand, you are super excited for promotion. But on other hands, you're confused about how to manage the things all of sudden, starting from packing to enquiring about the new places. And in the middle of the chaos, you forget about relocating car insurance policy. Now, what....?? Well, this usually happens. Shifting to another city [...]

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Car insurance policy cancellation

One can easily opt for car insurance cancellation at any time. The thing you need to do is to submit the replacement papers to inform your insurer about the car insurance cancellation. Charges to be paid or not will be decided at the time of car insurance cancellation process. It depends upon the cancellation period. If you cancel your insurance at the normal insurance term, it will charge you nominal cost. And if you cancel between the term, the balance amount will be reimbursed. Overview It is mandatory for all [...]

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