Yesterday we planned a trip to very awesome weather. But the plan to enjoy the weekend with family became a nightmare when our car broke down in the way and that too on a lonely village pass away. Where nothing was available for miles away. We put a huge effort in trying to start the car, but nothing happened. Finally, I called a friend of mine who picked us up. He took us to a nearby garage. There, the mechanic helped us to tow our car to the garage to fix the problem. Although the weekend was ruined, the mechanic told us about Roadside assistance. After reaching home I did some research on this Road-side assistance.

Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance

As a result, we got to know that car insurance companies provide Roadside Assistance. It is an add-on cover in the policy where you are protected against the hassle of the breakdown of your vehicle. And that too by paying just a minimal amount only.

This is not the only incident that happened to me. Car breakdowns are a very normal action that happens with many car owners. Battery issues or engine issues are some common reasons behind this. A car breakdown in the middle of a journey proves to be a clumsy action. So, ensuring against any such action is a must required.

Today, most of the car insurance companies have the facility of Roadside Assistance. It can be attached to the basic policy as an add-on. The premium increment for this is very nominal and so it is affordable too.

Certain insurance companies have even stepped further by making an inbuilt complimentary cover with all car insurance plans. Ans this is offered either by buying through an agent or online.

The rest of the insurance providers, offer this as an add-on cover which is optional depending on the customer’s choice. Again, the premium depends on factors like the age of the car. The older the car is, the more is the chance of breakdown and hence, the higher is the premium.

What coverage promises to provide

  • Battery Breakdown– this is to protect you from the battery fault and where the battery needs a forced alter the start
  • Minor issuesthe insurance providers care for minor breakdowns faced by you
  • tire puncture flat tires are as common as the common fever. So when facing a situation like this, do call your insurance and they will assist you surely.
  • Towing –when you face a car break-down, towing may be the solution to fix the problem. This facility is also provided if your car is covered.
  • Provision of spare keys – it may sound silly, but some of us leave our keys inside the car and lock the car. In that case or in case of key loss too, a spare key is provided by the insurer.
  • Fuel provision – a situation may arise from facing an empty tank in the midway of a journey. Don’t worry, your insurer is going to assist you and take you out of this too.

Thought the insurer is facilitating you with the above mention services, they will charge you for the service provided. They will just facilitate you by reaching there, but not free of cost.

For instance, you lack fuel in the midway to somewhere, the insurer will avail you the fuel supply but the charge of the fuel will be paid by you. Or in case of breakdown, the charges of mechanic and tow away will be payable by you only.

However, besides the fact of charges, it is more relaxing to easily get away from this hassle of a breakdown. And that too in just a phone call. You indeed have to bear the charges but the service provided is worthy.

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