Road trips in India are always exhilarating. Even if roads in India are famous for million potholes, uneven terrains, and speed bumps, nothing can over cross the enthusiasm of a cross-country trip in India. One should not discount the uncertain circumstances that are possible during your road trip, which makes buying car insurance essential. An adequate road trip car insurance plan protects you against unanticipated emergencies that may arise out of an accident.

Why Road Trip Car Insurance?

The car insurance is a deal between the insurer and the insuree. Where the insuree has to pay insurance premium from time to time. The amount of premium is decided at the time of buying the insurance policy. This is done by proper inspection of the car, make and model of car, and several other things.

Mostly general insurance policy companies in our country provide generally two types of insurance- third party car insurance & comprehensive car insurance.

Third-Party car insurance

A third party car insurance protects against any liability that arises to the victim in any car accident. However, it does not covers the insured vehicle against any damage that arose due to anything.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

It is more beneficial as compared to third party insurance. As the name says, it is a more comprehensive type of insurance, i.e, it involves many add-ons to provide more security for the car. Moreover, it also covers the car against any theft, fire, earthquake, flood, etc.

The need for car insurance

  • The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 makes it compulsory for all the car owners in India to buy valid Third party car insurance. Plying your vehicle on Indian roads without valid car insurance is a legal offense.
  • It is just like an additional health plan that covers you during any financial emergency that arises out of an accident. Where a Third-Party Insurance only covers the medical expenses and liability expenses claimed by a victim, Comprehensive Insurance includes both own-damage costs and the victim’s liability charge.
  • adding on covers to your insurance will simply boost your existing policy coverage. Zero Depreciation cover, engine protection cover, personal accident cover, no claim bonus protection, key replacement cover are some of the major add-ons which are the must for all.

A quick Check-list for your next road trip

  • carefully choose your ride. No matter how much good a driver you are, you can’t forget of damage a speed bump or pothole can cause to your car. Car manufacturers have already manufactured some excellent cars which are suitable for long-distance journeys.
  • Go through the weather condition of the place where you are planning your trip. India is a country with different cultures and varied climatic conditions. Weather conditions vary from state to state, depending upon the topography. So the traveler must have a go through in the climate of the destination place.
  • Go for the options that are economic like rather than hiring a car, you can travel by train or bus. Or, you can hire a bike or car for sightseeing. Meanwhile, you should not ignore the unforeseen events that may cause a threat to life or your life savings. We hope you don’t ignore the bumpy reality and prepare for your trip with a suitable car insurance plan.
  • You should consider a Personal Accident Cover also. It is an additional benefit to your base car insurance policy. Your health insurance covers medical expenses only. But, a Personal Accident Cover pays a lump sum amount in case of accidental death, permanent or partial disability of the insured. This comes up as a great financial assistance to the dependent relative, in case the insured is unable to earn an income due to any disability.