Tips for relocating car insurance in India

Just think that you are a government official and you are posted from your hometown to some other state. This can be due to your promotion. On one hand, you are super excited about the promotion. But on the other hand, you’re confused about how to manage the things all of sudden, starting from packing to enquiring about the new places. And in the middle of the chaos, you forget about relocating the car insurance policy. Now, what….??

Well, this usually happens. Shifting to another city is really stressful. You have to manage everything. And in the middle of such challenges, you may forget to think about what to do with your third party car insurance. Not a big deal, now that we’re here.

In this article, we’re providing some tips on how relocating car insurance is possible.

Intimate Your New Accommodation

It is necessary to update the new address with your insurer. They act as a medium for communication, along with your contact number and email address. It also helps the insurer to communicate with you regarding your car insurance to your new home address. The reason for which could be anything including car premium, renewal, coverage, NCB, claim settlement, and so on.

Re-registration is Required

Once you shift to another city, be it permanently or for a few months, re-register your vehicle with a local insurance provider to avail of the local registration number. Remember to inform your existing insurer, so that they can update your policy records. This helps avoid any chaos when you apply for a car insurance claim after relocating. This process necessarily needs a NOC from the Road Transport Authority where you used to reside previously. so, make the arrangements you have.

Check for Network Garages

At the time of buying car insurance online, the insurer assures you that their services can be availed nationwide. But, you can avail cashless services only at network garages. Hence, it is important to check if the new place where you’re going to have network garages. If you need to get something in your car fixed or repair some parts through a network garage, they may not be available at your new location. Hence, you may have to pay from your pocket and then have it reimbursed through, the option of garages in some cities is limited.

Influence on Your Premiums and Car Cover

We can’t surely say that there will be a change in your car premium or not. It will completely rely on the insurer. However, it may differ based on the risk covered. Based on the zonal risk, the premium is calculated. Your insurance provider can ask you to pay a higher premium when you shift to a naturally catastrophic zone like flood-prone or earthquake-prone areas. But, bear this in mind that your insurance company would do not give tow-away assistance to a roadside workshop.

Cover Upgradation

Depending on the place of transfer, generally, your requirements change. Something that goes well in an area according to your needs, shall need not be the same in another one. So, when relocating to a new place, it is necessary to consider your present car insurance requirements and mend the gap. We suggest you get comprehensive insurance with your existing third-party insurance plan to protect your car from possible damage while driving on the roads. This would cover your car from theft, vandalism, man-made or natural disasters, terrorism, damage due to terrorist activities, riot or strike, etc.

The Bottom Line!

By being a little bit quick on your feet and doing some quality research, you can easily handle the stress of transfer. Where other things are very important, do not leave your car insurance unnoticed as it will be a big savior for you and your valuable property, in case of any mishappening occurs.

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