The first question that arises in mind while it’s about car insurance is, “how to keep the premium amount down?”. But here, the most important question is “how to analyze factors which are making the premium price high?”. Some crazy minds try to change the configuration of the car to gear up the performance and appearance of the car. But there is some issue as this will increase the premium of your modified car insurance.

The foremost reason why your car insurance price is touching the sky irrespective of your age or total driving experience; is your car modification. You must have done these upgradations for performance enhancement, but they may affect your car insurance premium too. You can search out various plans for car insurance online, where you can find the most suitable one for your vehicle.

What does actually car modification mean?

This can be any small up-gradation that you make to your vehicle’s factory model, to make it look different and perform exceptionally. This upgrade could be to make it more efficient, appealing, or different functionality.

The insurance policy provides you cover against possible risk, and when you create some changes in it, it increases the risk factors, and hence, the insurance provider becomes all cautious. For example, if you have installed a turbo engine or some advanced spoilers, they would increase your car’s speed, which means that the probability of an accident also increases. And with any other attractive modification, the chances of theft also increase.

Considering all the points, the insurance providers estimate all the possibilities and in this way, the premium reaches an all-time high. They have some positive aspects too. Like installing parking sensors would decrease the premium costs, as it will reduce the risk of any smashes while reversing the car. While looking for information on modified car insurance online, you also need to have an idea about the checklist given below:

Modification Type Modification Group Modification Percentage Increase in Car Insurance
Performance & Aesthetic Engine & Mechanics  

Turbo/ Supercharging/ Nitrous oxide

Non-Standard Engine Change

Exhaust System Changes

Air Filter







Bodywork Bonnet Bulges, Flared Wings 66%
Complete Body Kit & Panels 57%
Spoilers 23%
Tinted windows 16%
Lights Addition or Changes 12%


Roll Bars, Roll Cages 41%
Replacement Seats 27%
Upholstery or Dashboard 16%
Brakes & Suspension Uprated Brakes 36%
Suspension 25%
Paintwork Specialized paintwork 36%
Stripes, Decals, Badges 22%
Wheels Broad Wheels Or Tyres 18%
Alloy Wheels 8%

Which upgrades increase the premium of your modified car insurance?

1. Engine or other Mechanics Modification:

The changes that are done to increase the engine power lead to an increase in the velocity which further increases the risk. It is so for the reason road accidents occur at fast speed. Drivers, who enjoy thrills, are most likely to engage in rash driving activities like overtaking, speeding, and other risky activities. That is why; adding a turbo, supercharger, or nitrous oxide to your car, can add on to your modified car insurance premium.

2. Wheel Alterations

On one hand, altering your car wheels may enhance the look but on the other hand, it may upturn its value.  So, if you change your wheel configurations, the premium may also go up.

3. Brakes and Suspension

The vehicle’s control majorly depends on the wheels and the suspension of the car. If in case, you have installed upgraded brakes, or if the suspension amended, its performance on the road will change. This also needs to be informed to your insurer.

4. Interiors

Redefining your car steering wheels, pedals, seats, or sound system, is also considered to be an important change and needs to be intimated to your insurance provider.  The material quality used, their wear and tear vary and so does your modified car insurance premium estimation.

5. Paint Job

getting a paint job is the least harmful modification that is done in the car, but it also is mandatory to be informed to your auto insurance provider. Especially, when getting extra-ordinary paintwork done – like complex designs, eye-catchy designs. They can drastically change the appearance of your car. It creates possibilities for theft and hence, the premium will also increase.

Remember this too…!!

Before modifying your vehicle, make sure that you inform your insurance provider well in advance about any changes. This will help them estimate the impact it will have on your vehicle and decide the premium accordingly. Each insurance provider has its own view about the upgradations that you make to your vehicle.

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