Hi folks! Hoping to have car insurance. Well! It is something that works as a backup, isn’t it? So, you wouldn’t want to have an unreliable backup. How to have a reliable and economical backup is what you’ll get to know in the following story:

Choosing the best Car insurance plan is the first step towards avoiding contingency on road. See that you can balance between other expenses and periodic installments. Also, keep a balance between the plan benefits and plan expenses. You may have heard that “Badman is better than the bad name”; choose a reputed insurer even it takes a little bit more resources. When you will be out to find an insurer, you have to decide between an Insurance Agent and an Insurance Broker; the latter one deals with various companies and can provide you a range of policies, whereas the former one is bound to the unique company.

Keep in mind that, if the policy is not in force & you had a loss or damage to your car, there is no recovery. Also, if in the case of gradual wear-tear, illegal driving and improper maintenance of car, loss or damage occur, then there is no recovery. Minimal characteristics to be kept in mind while ensuring are Car Make, Model, Variant, Year of Manufacture & CNG fitting. In short, know your vehicle properly which is almost a part of your family. Don’t sign any policy whose consequences you had not got well.

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Now stated that a car is almost a member of your family, treat it like one. Increase the security of the car up to affordable limits and mention all add-ons during ensuring. Drive legally, safe & sane. Don’t pay frequent installments unless the interest is not being charged. There are certain policy elements that according to you are redundant, don’t pay for them. Always ask for a discount, there is the scope of the latter wherever prices aren’t fixed.

As mentioned earlier, when the policy is not in force, insurance is irrelevant. Always renew the policy on time. Few more things for judging the offer are the claim settlement process adopted, the company’s track record in settling claims, and ease of approaching the company.

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