A survey tells that 80% of the Indians are unsuccessful in getting a beneficial car insurance policy. They just end up spending a huge amount and still missing the opportunity of getting the best deal on the car insurance policy. Since the prices are rising gradually, one must analyze whether the deal is beneficial or not.

The thing you need to know is that with a car insurance policy, you are compensated for the damages or the full cost in case of a car-wrecking accident. So, owning car insurance is beneficial. On the other hand, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the plan.

In this article, we will try to provide some tips related to getting a beneficial car insurance policy. Have a deep study.

Be smart while choosing your car insurance policy

A little smartness will get you a better comprehensive car insurance deal. First of all, you need to know your insurance needs as settling a deal without knowing your needs will be a waste. You will end up finding your insurance deal to be unuseful.

secondly, it’s not just about getting a cheap insurance deal. Buying a cheap insurance deal sometimes does not satisfy your needs. Apart from the insurance, there are certainly other factors that must be considered like on-road assistance, 24×7 service assurance, easy renewal process, etc. Going with a company that provides full assurance is necessary.

Don’t Just run behind cheaper deals

Yes, the budget is necessary but don’t make a stupid deal that is not of any use. Compare deals that suits your needs and choose the best according to your needs.

Check the Financial Status of the Insurance Provider

Beware of frauds.  It’s one of the major factors. Make a list of insurance providers and then select the most suitable one. Check reviews of that company, research the market, and analyze the financial status of the company which is providing you the cover. By doing this, you are taking a genuine and competitive decision.

The claim settlement ratio is also a major aspect in this regard. It’s nothing but the number of claims the company has settled with ease and according to the promises made while selling the car insurance. Simply, if a company has a higher claim settlement ratio, it has a higher capacity to settle your claim without difficulty.

Deductibles play a major role

Your insurance deductibles play an important role in your policy dealing. The lower the number of deductibles is, the higher is the premium. For the sake of low premiums, don’t choose a plan with higher deductibles. Here you need to show some smartness. Choose a plan with reasonable deductibles only, this will go according to your needs and within your budget.

Agent or Broker: who is a trustable

agent and broker, both are nearly similar. But there is a little difference between the two.

Agent and broker both do the same work, the difference is only that an agent will sell the policy of a single company whereas a broker works together for many companies. So a broker will provide you various options among which you can select one.

It is suggested to approach a broker only if you are super busy. You will directly select a plan among the available options. But if you have a little time, it is highly suggested to do self-research and then select the best according to your needs.

Choose add-on cover carefully

Choosing add-on covers add more to the value of your insurance plan. It might strike your mind that it’s a waste of time, but no it is not actually. By choosing an add-on you will get more and save more. So Choose Add-ons smartly. Some Major add-ons are like engine cover, road-side assistance, 24×7 service assistance, and zero dep insurance.

Hope you will find this article useful.