News has come several time-related to animal attacks on humans. The attack on humans here means animals attacking humans while driving. And this especially occurring in areas on wildlife tourism or farm areas. New has also gone viral lots of times. Sometimes, the car driver managing to escape safely before the situation takes the wrong turn. Unfortunately, sometimes it ended up drastically.

Imagine you are driving side by of scenic forest and suddenly an animal appears. The possibility of a tragic collision is high and it may also cause damage to your car. The question that arises here is that does your insurance protects you against the animal attack? Or is the damage liability covered?

Why need protection against an animal attack

Suppose the traffic is heavy and you’re getting too much late to attend a family function. Suddenly your car smashes with another car in the act of protecting a cow in the way. You hit the breaks hard but couldn’t avoid the car behind you. will your insurance cover this situation? You will surely regret not comparing your car insurance before buying.

If you agree with this fact, you should aware of yourself before buying the insurance. You should check if your insurance covers this situation or not. Your insurance generally protects you only in the case of causing damages to other’s property and the legal liabilities on you due to the accident. But what if the reason for the accident is an animal. Don’t worry, your insurance will cover you. Thankfully, almost all the insurance providers in India protect you from the damages done by animals and claim for the expenses incurred during repairing.

But what if it does not? The Answer is you must opt for comprehensive car insurance.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Saying it simply, comprehensive car insurance covers your car in every possible way. Whether it is parked and any damages occurred on the car due to man-made, natural elements or collision caused by an animal. Your car is also covered in the case of theft and vandalism as well.

Being named as ‘other than collision’, this cover protects everything that a normal plan doesn’t offer. Whatever be the reason.

Benefits of Having Comprehensive Car Insurance

However, one may think that the premiums are high for comprehensive car insurance, but on the other side, the reason is justified. Whereas third-party insurance only covers for third-party liabilities. The comprehensive one offers overall coverage including third-party liability coverage. So by paying a little higher premium, you can avail of better services. Advantages of comprehensive car insurance are as follows-

  • Damage to the Car: repairing your car after it meets with an accident, is a pocket-draining matter. Sometimes it may affect your pre-planned budget badly. The huge repair bills can make a hole in your wallet. If partially damaged occurs, the insurer claims the expenses for repair. They can declare your vehicle as permanent damage if it is not repairable. In this case, you can ask the claim for the insured value of the car.
  • Disability or Death: Comprehensive policy offers protection to the damage to self in case of temporary or permanent disability post-accident. The accidental death of the insurance provider. Everyone is aware of the medical costs in such cases that may wipe off one’s lifetime savings.
  • Third-party Liability Coverage: The comprehensive insurance policy is useful as it also offers protection to the third party against damages caused by the insured person. On the other hand, it benefits the insured by bearing the expenses of legal liabilities claimed by a third party, including injuries or death. However, we suggest you compare car insurance online to get the best deals.

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