In simple terms, a Car Insurance policy is financial protection given by the insurance company. It is a policy signed between two parties the policyholder and the insurer. The policy covers all the losses that one might face due to the damage to the car or in case of theft. Comprehensive policies protect you from the damages caused to your car, while third-party insurance provides you with the cover for the damages caused to other persons or property by your vehicle.

Nowadays, where cars have become everyone’s necessity for personal transportation, how can someone overlook the necessity to get car insurance? At least, third-party insurance coverage is mandatory as per the Indian Motor Vehicle Act, 1961. As we cannot tell what is going to happen in the future, it’s better to gear up and prepare ourselves to protect our possession from any unfortunate or unexpected event.  Undoubtedly, motor insurance is a must for every vehicle owner and is a legal requirement too.

In this article, we are going to focus on 5 important questions that you should answer truthfully while claiming your car insurance. But, before that, let’s go through some important tips for getting your claim accepted.

  • Check the time limit of your policy for making claims and file your car insurance claim as soon as possible.
  • Never try to overstate the value of your claim.
  • Stick to the facts – the more clear details you will give to the insurance company, the more smoothly your claim will be processed.
  • Gather evidence for your claim by taking photos or videos of the damaged car.
  • Document every detail of your claim process with you and keep the relevant letters safe.

We all have read stories about our childhood that taught us to never lie or else be ready to face the consequences. The same is applied here also; giving dishonest answers to important insurance questions may cause trouble to you and you may lose your car insurance claim.

There are five important questions which you should not lie about while claiming for your insurance –

Q1. Where was your car parked?

Supposedly, if someone tells that he parked his car inside his house garage to a car insurance company, but actually he parked his car outside on the street. In case his car got stolen, the insurance company can easily get to know about his lie. Then he must forget about his insurance coverage for the loss that occurred to him. The insurance company can reject his claim as he lied, so it is very necessary, to tell the truth to the insurance company.

Q2. Do you use your car for commercial purposes?

If you use your car for commercial purposes for like delivering food items or articles or you are a real estate agent driving clients to show them property/houses.  If you use your car for any commercial purpose, then don’t hide it from the insurer. You must have commercial insurance for using your vehicle for commercial purposes.

Q3. Do you want to claim for the theft of your car?

Faking theft of your car can lead to serious consequences if the insurance company finds out that you faked it they will definitely take strict action against you. When your car is stolen for real, then only claim for the insurance with all the details required.

Q4. Who was driving your car?

If the driver is not a major or doesn’t have a legal driving license then no claim will be passed by the insurance company. You should not lie about who was driving your car, and the driver should have a driving license then only the claim would pass.

Q5. What’s the valuation of the car?

Generally, the loss of external accessories are not covered by an insurance company, and if you lie about your accessories to the insurance company, then this can cause delay or loss of the entire claim. While applying for the claim for accidental insurance, this is a mandatory question which the insurance company asks, and this is something you should never lie about.


The insurance company has the right to deny your claim, penalize you with a higher premium, or may even cancel your policy if you get caught lying and misguiding the insurance company to get your claim processed. So, honesty is a wise approach.

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