A car is a machine which has made traveling more easier. Far away places are now connected easily. nowadays carpooling is trending which is developed by neighbors. Most of the taxi companies like Ola and Uber are also supporting carpooling making traveling more Eco-friendly. Car companies are also developing electric and liquefied petroleum gas-enabled cars which are more Eco-friendly. People nowadays are engaging themselves in protecting their everyday essentials. so why not to protect a car which you buy after spending lacks of rupees? Not just by installing an anti-theft alarm or other security equipment but by the best and the complete protection of your car say car insurance including cover for all major parts like car engine insurance.

Car insurance covers all of your expenses incurred by damage to the vehicle in an accident, theft, or destruction of the vehicle due to a man-made disaster or natural calamity like flood, earthquake, etc. This car engine insurance resists you from spending a lot from your pocket.

Engine Protection Cover

The engine is the most important part of any vehicle. Just like the heart is the lifeline of a human body, the engine is the lifeline of the vehicle. The engine is the first part that gets affected first by any natural calamity like a flood or water lodging. In case the engine comes in contact with water it gets major damage and requires a necessary repair or replacement.

Most of the car insurance does not cover the damage of the major parts of the vehicle like engine, suspensions, pistons, cylinders, gearbox, etc. so what to do? Insurance providers like finbucket car insurance provide add-ons like car engine insurance cover which can solve your problem.

Why protect the engine?

  • most expensive part
  • first to get damage
  • costs heavy labor and material charge

Add-ons against engine damage because of:

  • lubrication leakage
  • gearbox damage
  • contact with water
  • hydrostatic lock expenses- the lock which engine faces when you try and try turning on the engine number of times after the engine admittance after a flood. Starting the engine which came in contact with water can trigger the ignition and damage the engine permanently.

Who should purchase insurance with add-on engine cover protection?

  • people living in flood-prone areas or work near a water body require to buy this add-on necessarily
  • those who live in cold regions can face tire pressure fluctuation, dead battery, salty situations, leaking, and fluid thickening. All these factors majorly affect the performance of engine
  • those who have craze of high-end cars which costs huge if get damaged
  • middle class earning group who want to protect their pockets from all the financial risks

Factors not included in car engine insurance cover?

despite the fact you have a valid engine cover included in your car insurance, some factors make your add-on invalid. Also, there are high chances that your insurance claim may be rejected due to false doing before calling the insurance person about your claim. Have a look at these points carefully:

  • engine cover add-on is generally applicable to vehicles not older than 5 years.
  • force start your engine when it is submerged in water. The engine is generally designed to completely shut down to stop entering the water, and trying to start the engine forcibly can lead to huge damage which in turn can lead to rejection of the claim.
  • add-ons come with limited validity. most of the company provides this add-on with a limited single claim. One can claim only once in the duration of insurance and for another claim, one needs to purchase an additional add-on.


It is recommended to use the expertise and you can also call on their toll-free contact numbers 24*7  to get all the details you require for your car policy before settling upon the right covers with the right add-ons.

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