Refinance a business loan

  • A business loan has a big role to play in the growth of any business. It helps the business to expand and be able to generate higher revenue. The fewer interest rates, the better it is for the business.
  • If you are struggling with higher interest rates or high payments periodically on your business loan, you may want to replace the loan with a debt carrying lesser interest rates. This is called refinancing.
  • It is also used to consolidate several business loans into a single monthly payment to avoid high balloon payments on commercial loans.
  • Refinancing a higher interest loan for your small business to a loan with lower interest rates and more favorable terms can substantially reduce your business debt.
  • Refinancing the business loan can
    • Improve your cash flow
    • Reduce risk
    • Prepare for future growth etc.
  • In the midst of the process, it is easy to lose focus and interest in continuing with the process.
  • Refinancing a loan seems to be the most logical step to take while you are in a mess with your present debt.
  • Going for refinancing can restructure your business and give you time and resources for the growth of the business.
  • When a string of uncertainty is hanging over your head, you should definitely consider refinancing your business loan for the greater good of your business. You can even check out the best alternatives to business loans.

Points to consider before refinancing business loans

Will I benefit from refinancing?

  • Before refinancing your loan, this must be the first question that you should ask yourself. If you have a loan with an interest rate of less than 10%, that’s hard to beat. But you still must try.
  • The key to this is you should know about the creditworthiness of the business. You should think whether you can qualify for a loan with more favorable terms now than you did the first time around. Apply for a business loan.

Do the fees make it worth refinancing?

  • Small business owners must know that it’s not easy and neither is it free to refinance the business loans.
  • At times, the fee can be very costly. It may include an origination fee, application fee, lender fee, appraisal fee (if commercial property is involved), and a prepayment penalty that applies if you refinance again before the loan is paid off.

Working capital

  • In case you refinance your loans with the ones with monthly installments of lesser amounts, it can leave you with more working capital.
  • This helps you dedicate extra cash to day to day operations, which can be allocated for the growth of the business.

Your credit score

  • Now is the time when lenders have become aware of the credit score more than ever before.
  • You should review your credit report and overcome any shortcomings there are.
  • You should resolve all the negatives that could affect your loan terms including the amount and interest rate. There can be the pros and cons of business loans.