How will a Business Loan Affect the Personal Credit Score?

Personal Credit affect on business loan

  • When you apply for a business loan, it is your credit score that takes a hit as well. It can affect your chances of qualifying for a business loan and getting the best interest rates for the loan.
  • While applying for a business loan, entrepreneurs must also be concerned about their personal credit score.
  • Most business loans require personal guarantee directly influencing the personal credit score of a business owner.
  • The owner might have to suffer the consequences of taking a loan for his business.
  • Depending on different rankings, different effects may take place. According to some of the rankings parameters
    • One or two loan inquiry may not change your credit score, however, some drop five to ten points for one.
    • One or two loans may have a negligible impact on your credit score but going beyond that can be a problem.
  • It has also been reported that a loan inquiry may affect your credit score but having a loan can help your credit score. This includes both business and personal scores.

Effects of liability of the loan

  • The very thing is to determine whether you are personally liable for the loan or not.
  • If you are not personally liable for the loan and other debts of the business
    • The creditors can only seek a settlement through business bank accounts or through the forced sale of business assets.
  • If you are personally liable
    • You could stand to lose your personal assets if the money is not enough to repay the creditors.
  • If there is money left to pay the business loan for which you are personally liable, you have to either pay the entire amount or try to negotiate it with the creditor.
  • Any default on the repayment of the loan will be written down on the credit report which can put you in the trouble.
  • If you use personal cards for getting a business loan, it is going to affect your personal credit score adversely.
    • Even if you are paying the debts on time, the business debt you are carrying may result in lower personal credit score for you.
  • It is important to understand the legal obligations before entering into any kind of contract or contract that can affect your personal credit score.
  • It is, thus, important to understand how your business and personal interests may be affected. Your personal credit and credit score can affect your lifestyle.
  • It can be a deciding factor for stuff like owning a property for an instance.
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