Car insurance policy cancellation

One can easily opt for car insurance cancellation at any time. The thing you need to do is to submit the replacement papers to inform your insurer about the car insurance cancellation. Charges to be paid or not will be decided at the time of car insurance cancellation process. It depends upon the cancellation period. If you cancel your insurance at the normal insurance term, it will charge you nominal cost. And if you cancel between the term, the balance amount will be reimbursed. Overview It is mandatory for all [...]

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Invest in Equity Mutual Funds

An equity fund is a mutual fund which is invested principally in stocks. Equity funds are also known as stock funds. Stock mutual funds are categorized according to company size, the investment style of the holdings in the portfolio and geography. Investors who are willing to invest for long-term capital growth can invest in Equity Mutual Funds. The Equity Mutual Funds are handled either actively or passively by fund managers so the risk and return vary from scheme to scheme. Few reasons why should one invest in equity mutual fund- [...]

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Health Insurance Policy For NRI

If you are NRI and wanted a health insurance in India or considering a return to India then you need to know some conditions about this .while analysing you may be confused whether you will get the health insurance or not or can pay for the same through foreign currency or not etc. well you are not alone who is going on through this struggle as immigration is common these days. Are you eligible? Yes, you are eligible. You just need to give ITR, proof for the residence and other [...]

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Factors To Consider While Taking Health Insurance Policy

These days health insurance plans are popular. These policies help the person to get relieved from the huge expenses at the time of if you want to secure future of your family then health insurance is the right step. But it is important that you buy the right type of health insurance for you and your family .in the market, there are the variety of health insurances with different benefits. So while choosing the best health insurance for you, some factors should be taken care. Here is some main [...]

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Car insurance for road trip

Road trips in India are always exhilarating. Even if roads in India are famous for million potholes, uneven terrains, and speed bumps, nothing can over cross the enthusiasm of a cross-country trip in India. One should not discount the uncertain circumstances that are possible during your road trip, which make buying car insurance essential. An adequate road trip car insurance plan protects you against unanticipated emergencies that may arise out of an accident. Why Road Trip Car Insurance? The car insurance is a deal between the insurer and the insuree. Where [...]

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How To Represent Mutual Funds Return?

After investing money in mutual funds, every investor is inquisitive to know about the performance of the funds. Normally, every investor look at the reports published by the fund house but there is a possibility that the published returns of the fund could be different from the returns earned by the investor. The main reason behind this could be the different time periods considered by the funds return and the investor's return calculation period. To avoid this conflict the investor would have to calculate his portfolio returns differently. Certain different ways [...]

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How To Utilise Health Insurance Policy

well, family health insurance policy is a necessity nowadays. many families buy insurance to relieve themselves from the financial burden when the need arises. it means that at the time of any sudden happening the are like a hope. well, all know that we should buy the insurance policy but how to utilize it properly is not known by all. so this article will help you to know some certain points which will help you a lot.    The best utilization of health insurance policy Don't delay in buying health insurance well, it is [...]

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Switch car insurance policy, A quick guide

Are you keen to switch car insurance policy? The reason behind this could be that you have found a better or cheaper deal. And it could be better than your existing one. While comparing for insurance plans, it is possible that you could find a better insurance deal that suits your needs and also pocket-friendly. This is why we have compiled some important tips here which will help you in taking a decision. Have a look at them carefully. Find the reason 'WHY' to Switch car insurance Most of the people [...]

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Mutual Funds Based On Financial Goals

We all go shopping and buy things according to our requirements. Some buy denim jeans which are economical, some buy which has the best quality. Some prefer capris, some prefer full length, everyone goes with their own choice and buys what is best for them. Similiar is the case with Mutual funds, one should always go with the requirements of an individual. But we can say that it is slightly different from shopping like it contains various risk, it is a source of income. Before investing money in mutual funds one [...]

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Why Do We Need To Get Health Insurance Policy?

Health insurance plans is a necessity nowadays. the caretaker of the family always worried about the future of his or her is because some events like illness, death, accidents etc are unpredictable. to reduce there a risk they buy health insurance plan so that future expenses can be covered .many plans and policies are available to them with different schemes and offers. then it totally depends on the choice of the person which policy suits him or her the best. but the policies should buy very carefully so that [...]

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