How modification effects car insurance?

The first question that arises in mind while it's about car insurance is, "how to keep the premium amount down?". But here, the most important question is "how to analyze factors which are making the premium price high?". Some crazy minds try to change the configuration of the car to gear up the performance and appearance of the car. But there is some issue as this will increase the premium of your modified car insurance. The foremost reason why your car insurance price is touching sky irrespective of your age or [...]

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Health Insurance

What is health insurances? Well, health insurance includes various plans and policies which helps you financially when you needed the most. for example, if you get hospitalised, then your health insurance policy reimburses the person for medical and the surgical treatments. But yes that person needs to give all documents related to it. The insurance company also provides the facility of cashless hospitalisation. They provide reimbursement for the incurred expenses.   Health insurances in India Health insurance is one of the fast-growing industries among all insurances. But still, it needs more [...]

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Mutual Fund Ratings

How much ratings of mutual funds are important? Investing money in mutual funds is a  big decision an investor takes. It is an investor's duty to know all the details about the scheme he' going to invest, the terms and conditions and about the interest he will earn from the investment. Mostly, when investors plan to invest their money in such schemes, confusion is created about in which company to invest when the companies offer similar schemes. The best way to avoid this confusion is to check the Mutual Fund [...]

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How to claim a third-party insurance

It is easy to claim third party insurance if you take a quick action and go with the legal procedure. In busy metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai, accidents are very common. And these accidents obviously costs a huge car damage brought by you not generally by your fault. So, its a better option to claim third party insurance. But How it's possible? Yes, for sure it is possible in our country. In India, it is mandatory for all to have a valid third-party insurance according to the Motor Vehicle [...]

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Myth About Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance is very important for our safety but some of us have health insurance myths. nowadays many information is available for the almost all the types of insurance. As competition is increasing, it makes the insurers to give all the information, benefits and discounts to their customers. The main aim for them is to clear all the confusions and doubts of the buyers and guide them according to their this article, we will see some common myths of the people towards the health insurance.   9 Health Insurance [...]

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Some Important Facts about Auto Insurance

Auto insurance facts that company hides from you We buy a car insurance and pay a timely premium in the hope that we will never require to file a claim. However, unfortunately, if we need to file any claim, we expect the insurer to provide us claim. The insurance providers always work in the way to safeguard their own interests. That's the reason why the companies try to hide some important auto insurance facts from the insured. Whenever you buy an auto insurance, try to do some research and compare [...]

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Mutual Funds Net Asset Value

Mutual Funds are financial tools which help the investors to pool their money in various schemes in order to gain interest and get other benefits also like tax benefits. Net Asset Value means fund's per share market value. It is the price at which investors purchase shares from various fund companies and sell them(redemption price) to fund companies. It is derived by adding all cash value and adding any security deducting liability and divided by number of shares outstanding. At the end of each trading day based on closing market [...]

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Impact of GST On Insurance Premium

We all know that GST is an indirect tax levied in India on the sales of goods and services. the primary objective is to simplify and unify all the indirect tax in the country.the new tax structure comes into effect from April 2017. now there two tax components i.e .state GST and central GST   Impact of GST on the insurance sector the standard rate of GST is 15% which comprises as follows:- Basic service tax: -14 per cent Swachh Bharat Cess:-5 per cent Krishi Kalyan Cess:-50 per cent after [...]

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Carry car insurance while relocating

Tips for relocating car insurance in India Just think that you are a government official and you are posted from your hometown to some other state. This can be due to your promotion. On one hand, you are super excited for promotion. But on other hands, you're confused about how to manage the things all of sudden, starting from packing to enquiring about the new places. And in the middle of the chaos, you forget about relocating car insurance policy. Now, what....?? Well, this usually happens. Shifting to another city [...]

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Online Mutual Fund Investment

Today's generation doesn't believe in saving money rather investing it and gaining from it. Investments are the best option where you can pool your money and easily get returns. Gaining interest is not the only benefit one gets after investing, but also get tax benefits. For so long it was just in Fixed Deposits, National Savings Certificate, post office funds etc. that people believed and invested in for good returns. But Mutual Funds have now found an excellent way to grab a share of investments, especially amongst those who don’t think [...]

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