What are benefits of car insurance calculator

In India, an insurance policy is mandatory for all by the Motor Tribunal. Then also the word car insurance is not considered a novel word. But, it should not be bought due to compulsion only. One must also know the benefits of having car insurance. And moreover, it should be bought according to the needs of insurance. The car insurance calculator will help you to estimate premium that you need to pay. Buying an insurance is not everyone's cup of tea. that is why you need to be careful while [...]

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Health Insurance Plans for Expecting Parents in India

You all of them must have some of those insurances such as life, automobile, house etc but isn’t maternity insurance necessary? Nowadays child care is most expensive. Parents want everything perfect for their coming child whether his or her clothes, hygiene products, etc. also your health insurance might not cover your maternity expenses. So before you get financially burdened, maternity insurance is for you. Well, few insurance providers may offer maternity plan coverage in your general health insurance plan.it cost lesser than a separate maternity plan. But Unless you add-on [...]

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Mutual Fund Investment Through Power Of Attorney

Mutual Fund investment means a financial tool for investors to pool their money into various schemes according to their financial Goal or Objective which give them expected returns. Power of Attorney means is a legal document which gives a person the power to act for another person on his behalf. This  is generally used when the principal investor is ill or disable, or when the principal investor can't be present to sign necessary legal documents for financial transactions. The person appointed as power of attorney can be any trusted family [...]

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Auto Insurance Tips For New Buyers

In this article, you will find some important auto insurance tips that a first-time buyer must know. But before that, let's know about the importance of having an auto insurance. Planning to buy your first new vehicle? That's great! While planning your vehicle, auto insurance might be the last thing on your mind. But it is the most important thing. Having a third party auto insurance is made mandatory by the Motor Tribunal of India. The insurance provider will help you in the case of accidental damages to your vehicle. [...]

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Group Health Insurance

What is group health insurance? Group health insurance refers to a single plan which is issued to a single group. That group consisted of all appropriate employees of the organisation and sometimes also includes their dependents as well. If you are an employer and thinking about buying insurance for your employees then it is great. There are many benefits to buying group insurance for your employees. Many people are unaware of the importance of insurance and hence leads to the financial burden on them. Nowadays corporate as well as government [...]

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Benefits Of Buying Insurance Online

Nowadays with advanced technology, everything is available online even insurance online. You can get anything anywhere from buying online. By analysing the needs of the consumers, insurers also made available insurances whether it is health, life or automobile.you can get the best insurance by comparing with different portals in just a few clicks even at your home.   Benefits of Buying insurance Online Here are some benefits that you can have while taking insurance online:- Benefit on purchases In online, the individual can directly deal with the insurance provider.it saves [...]

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Large Capital Mutual Fund

If you are kind of investor who is willing to invest large amount of money and taking high risk then Large Capital Mutual Fund is the best option for such investors. Investors who seek to invest for long term with stable returns should opt large cap funds. Understanding the Large capital Mutual Funds We all know that stock market are volatile in nature whereas Mutual Funds on the other hand is conservative options as they invest a pool of money from investors to various diversified stocks and bonds, allowing investors [...]

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Motor vehicle insurance types

The different auto insurance types that are available in India: Private car insurance: Car insurance is made compulsory for all vehicles in India by the motor tribunal. You are not allowed to drive a car if you don't have the insurance. And if caught without insurance, you will be penalized. Two-wheeler insurance: Two-wheeler insurance is same as car insurance and covers two-wheeler of the self and third party as well. The necessity for two-wheeler insurance arose because of dangerous road conditions in India and the drastifying traffic conditions. Commercial vehicle insurance: [...]

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Health Insurance Plans

Well, there are different health insurance types. well, first of all, know what is health insurance? It is an agreement between the individual and the insurance company that expenses are paid by the insurer if there is a medical emergency. A person gets free from the financial burden when you needed for treatment bills and expenses. It not only free you from burden but also gives you the tax benefit when you pay a premium towards the health insurance. it comes under the section 80D of income tax act. Every [...]

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Successful Mutual Fund Investor

Investment is a big challenge in this oscillating economy and inflationary market. And Investment has now become a trend these days, mutual fund has become one of the most common financial tool for investors as they offer various types of schemes which attract new investor to join this market. Why invest in mutual funds? Mutual Funds have become the most common investment vehicle as it offers variety of advantages to the investor. 1) Professionally managed The best part of Mutual Funds are that they are managed by professionals that means [...]

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