Things Everyone Should Know About Credit Scores

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Credit Scores It was some few days back when I was sitting in a group with some friends from my school. It was the week of career going on in the school. All the students started staring at me when I started saying words like credit scores, personal loans, or debts. They were thinking that my work is boring, but everyone was happy at the end when the bell rang to end my class. Recently, while I was talking to some of the students [...]

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How To Quickly Improve Your Credit Score?

Credit Score is expressed in numerical terms based on the level of analysis of a particular person's credit files, to represent the creditworthiness of that particular person. It is primarily based on the credit report information sourced from credit bureaus. The credit scores are used by banks and credit card companies to evaluate the potential risk which is posed by lending money to consumers and to lessen the losses arising due to bad debts. It is much easier damaging your credit than building it back up. Companies generally rely on [...]

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How To Raise Your Credit Score

Improve credit score is the determining factor on any loan application as it gives an idea to the lender whether they have to give a loan or not. The credit score is determined with various factors such as payment history, a mix of credit accounts, amount of debts etc. If you have good credit score then there is higher chance that you will get loan approval and favorable rates. But if you score is not good then you need to improve your credit score. Well changing it, doesn’t happen overnight [...]

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Reasons Your Credit Score Can Suddenly Drop

Why My Credit Score Drop? Consumers who are confident about their credit score gets shocked when they face a sudden credit score drop. Where it could be a sign of embezzlement, there may be several other reasons behind the credit score drop. Here we are listing some of the major factors which can possibly be the reason for your credit score drop. Hard Inquiries While applying for a deed, credit card or home loan, business loan, personal loan or any loan, the granter tries to pull your credit, resulting in hard [...]

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Impact of Student Loan on Credit Score

When a fresher or the young student take out the private students loan, they do not think about any credit scores. They are concerned about there career studies and life goals. But the truth is student loan can impact your credit scores. Well, it is important to understand how this loan affects your credit score and your ability to borrow. It can have both a positive or negative impact on your scores.  Let's break it down into two parts. Positive Impact of Student Loan on My Credit Credit scores are [...]

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How Student Loans Can Impact Your Credit Score

Student Loan Impact on Credit Score In this article, we are going to assume that you have an outstanding student loan. According to the data of the Federal Bank of New York, over 44 million people have an outstanding student loan. Which amounts to be nearly $ 1.3 trillion which is higher than even the federal loans which amounted to be $1.23 trillion. It's really a bad news but still, we have to go discuss if you owe it. Student loan has both the sides effecting on your credit score. [...]

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Compulsory and Voluntary Excess in Motor Insurance

Compulsory  Deductible and Voluntary Excess It has been a greyish area for the policyholders as they think what and why should they choose Compulsory and Voluntary Excess in a Car Insurance Policy and when it should be chosen. Let us understand the same in a step by step manner. Insurance companies allow their customers to share a part of the risk associated with the policy. Known as the “deductible” or “excess”, this is a pre-determined amount of the claim which would be borne by the insured. So, when the claim arises, [...]

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Good Credit Score

A good credit score helps in better credit decisions and creditors are more confident that you will repay your future debts as you agreed with them. A credit score of 700 or above is generally considered as good if we see the score with a range between 300-850. Whereas a score of 800 or above in the same range is considered as excellent. Mostly the credit scores fall between the range of 600 and 750. Credit scores are used by lenders, credit card companies, banks providing mortgage loans and car [...]

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Use Car Insurance In Buying And Selling

Car Insurance means financial protection given by the insurance company to the policyholder. There are mainly two parties involved in this agreement i.e. the policyholder and the insurer. You are not only one in this league if you are planning to buy a second-hand car. Purchasing a used or second-hand car is becoming a favorite choice for many in order to save money. Insurance has a big hand involved in buying or selling second-hand cars. Both seller and buyer of the car need to understand when it comes to transferring [...]

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Why Term Insurance Renewal is Much Important?

We start thinking about the safety of us and our beloved ones from a very small age. It is so because our life is full of uncertainties. One such initiative which an individual takes today is buying a life insurance policy. It is to safeguard the future of the family. A life insurance policy gives financial backup to the insured as a death benefit in exchange for the premium. In this article, we will study about life insurance renewal and its importance. The buyer should think regularly about the premium while buying a [...]

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