roadside assistance in car insurance

Yesterday we planned a trip in a very awesome weather. But the plan to enjoy the weekend with family became a nightmare when our car broke down in the way and that too on a lonely village pass away. Where nothing was available for miles away. We put a huge effort in trying to start the car, but nothing happened. Finally, I called a friend of mine who picked us up. He took us to a nearby garage. There, the mechanic helped us to tow our car to the garage [...]

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SEBI Regulations on Mutual Fund Expense

A question arises in every investor's mind, how Mutual Fund Expenses are recovered ? Do they recover it from you before they declare the NAV's of the respective schemes? Are the returns you receive from Mutual Funds Investments is the net expenses incurred by them while managing the funds? What is Mutual Fund Expense Ratio? The Mutual Fund expenses includes fund management fee, agent commissions, registrar fees, and selling & promoting expenses. Now the question arises, how much the fees are charged? which involves the concept of Mutual Fund Expense Ratio. Mutual [...]

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Factors that effect your car insurance premium

Car insurance provides cover to your vehicle against any damage that may occur during an accident. Indian roads are insane and always prone to accidents. So one should not take risk of avoiding the insurance. To avoid this risk, the Motor Tribunal of India makes insurance compulsory for all vehicle owners. Car insurance premium is the amount that your insurer charges you for the cover provided. They charge you an annual premium for the cover. The difference in car insurance premium But, how car insurance premium differs in cases? There is a [...]

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Star Health Insurance

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd started their operations in 2006. they launched individual health plans, overseas Mediclaim, and personal accident insurance plans. They provide excellent services and customized products to meet the needs and demands of their customers. They have a capital base of Rs.1,050 crore. It is one of the largest private health insurance providers in India and the first company to provide policy called Star Cardiac Care. This policy is launched people suffering from cardiac ailments.   Star health insurance offers a wide range of health insurance [...]

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Mutual Funds Overview

Today's generation  prefer to invest money rather than saving it in accounts. Mutual Funds are the most common financial tool among investors to pool their money for shorter or longer duration and gaining interest from it. The money invested by the investors are professionally managed by experienced people who can buy or sell a diversified or well-mixed number of stocks, bonds, or money market securities for the fund. As a mutual fund investor, your portfolio is made up of as many as several hundred different securities. Mutual Funds are designed for [...]

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Top Auto Insurance Myths you Should Avoid

When you buy auto insurance, it is necessary to understand factors affecting your premium. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to vary among the fact and fiction. As any field can have, this sector also has its set of auto insurance myths. This happens due to lack of proper understanding about motor insurance. It may also affect your choice of policy or obstruct the financial interests. This article, we’ve discussed some popular auto insurance myths, which may help you find the correct plan for your vehicle. Auto Insurance Myths Following are some of the auto insurance myths- [...]

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Health Insurance For Senior Citizens

senior citizens health insurance is a necessity. Especially when you are planning to live on pension or interest from savings after is a crucial stage as you are more prone to diseases and illness. A sudden happening can lead to the financial burden on it is important to take a comprehensive senior citizen health insurance plan. the person who is between 65-80 years of age is eligible. You will be happy to know that according to IRDA guidelines that every health insurance company has to offer coverage to [...]

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How to Meet your Goals with Mutual Funds?

When we talk about investing, people have a confused look on their face or a wary look. Most potential investors have a broad understanding of this investment tool with little knowledge about the different kinds of Mutual Funds. Lets assume some time period to the goals for better understanding. Short term goals are those for 1 to 3 investing years. Medium term goals are those for 4 to 6 years. Long term goals are those more than 7 years. Mutual Funds For Short Term Goals When the word short term comes, [...]

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Does car insurance covers animal attack?

News has come a number of time-related to animal attack on humans. The attack on humans here means animals attacking humans while driving. And this especially occurring in areas on wildlife tourism or farm areas. New has also gone viral lots of time. Sometimes, the car driver managing to escape safely before the situation takes the wrong turn. Unfortunately, sometimes it ended up drastically. Imagine you are driving side by of a scenic forest and suddenly an animal appears. The possibility of tragic collision is high and it may also cause [...]

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Best Health Insurance

People search for best health insurance plan as they are a necessity nowadays. health insurance helps to give financial security when you need the most in a medical emergency. many health insurance companies provide a variety of insurance policy. You must consider comparing insurance policies. So that you can buy best health insurance policy according to your needs and demands. Well, it is important to buy the best policy as many people made mistakes. Either they buy low-cost policies which do not have sufficient coverage or buy very expensive policies [...]

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