Ways to Reduce Life Insurance Premium

Every insurance company deals with life insurance policy, it is advisable to go through every detail before buying it.  Life insurance premium will be decided according to the risk involved. In many cases, an insurer can reject the claim of insured because of certain exclusions in life insurance. Mentioned below are some conditions which increase life insurance premium: 1. Excessive Drinking and Smoking As we all know excessive drinking and smoking habit is bad for health and will increase the risks of mortality. Before buying a life insurance plan, an [...]

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Credit Repair Myths

Your credit score plays an important role when you need credit but there are many credit myths. These scores give you the idea to lenders regarding how you handle money and debt, and your likelihood to make payments on-time. It is good if you have an exceptional credit score but many of us don’t have excellent credit. But there are many ways to improve it. But there is still a lot of misinformation when it comes to credit repair. These credit repair myths are more harmful because they make you focus on things [...]

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Credit Report Agency

Credit Scores A credit score is expressed in numerical terms at one point in time in the credit reports. It is the major point which helps the creditors to determine whether to give you credit or not, decide the terms you should be offered or the rate of interest you will pay for the loan. Having a high score is an advantage in many ways like making it easier for you to obtain a loan, rent an apartment, and lower your life insurance rate. The Credit Score is calculated on [...]

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Common Exclusions in Life Insurance Policies

In the insurance contract, an insurer promised to cover damages suffered by an insured during the emergency according to contract's terms. However, an insurance company wants to limit their losses, by inserting some exclusions in life insurance policies. There are certain events and conditions which are not covered by an insurance policy and these are referred to as "exclusions in life insurance". For example, An individual opts for a life insurance policy but suddenly decided to end his life by committing suicide. As per the life insurance policy, the insured [...]

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Credit Report

A credit report is an important term. A credit report is pulled from at least one of the three major credit bureaus when you do credit card application or financing. Besides major credit bureaus, there are hundreds of smaller credit bureaus across the country. Virtually every credit bureau is affiliated with major credit bureaus i.e. Trans Union, Experian, or Equifax. They collect, manage and maintain information on the vast majority of Americans but they are not affiliated with the government. These credit bureaus sell your information for money. They are [...]

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Order Free Credit Report

Getting a free credit report may sound next to impossible, but it’s not. In fact, it’s the law and you’re entitled to not just one, but three reports. You can request for a  free credit report from any of the three main credit reporting agencies once every 12 months. And the ordering of your free credit report is quite a simple process. How to order a free credit report There are three ways to request for a review of your  credit report for free: Online: www.annualcreditreport.com Phone: Call 877-322-8228 Mail: [...]

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Credit Score Calculation

Credit score calculation Many people are surprised to see that they don’t have just one credit score calculation. Credit scores can vary due to several factors such as score provided by the company, the data on which the score is based, and the method of calculating the score. There are different types of credit score calculation used by lenders and vary due to the difference in the industry. For example, for example, you’re buying a car. When it comes to auto loans, that lender might use a credit score that [...]

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Things Everyone Should Know About Credit Scores

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Credit Scores It was some few days back when I was sitting in a group with some friends from my school. It was the week of career going on in the school. All the students started staring at me when I started saying words like credit scores, personal loans, or debts. They were thinking that my work is boring, but everyone was happy at the end when the bell rang to end my class. Recently, while I was talking to some of the students [...]

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How To Quickly Improve Your Credit Score?

Credit Score is expressed in numerical terms based on the level of analysis of a particular person's credit files, to represent the creditworthiness of that particular person. It is primarily based on the credit report information sourced from credit bureaus. The credit scores are used by banks and credit card companies to evaluate the potential risk which is posed by lending money to consumers and to lessen the losses arising due to bad debts. It is much easier damaging your credit than building it back up. Companies generally rely on [...]

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How To Raise Your Credit Score

Improve credit score is the determining factor on any loan application as it gives an idea to the lender whether they have to give a loan or not. The credit score is determined with various factors such as payment history, a mix of credit accounts, amount of debts etc. If you have good credit score then there is higher chance that you will get loan approval and favorable rates. But if you score is not good then you need to improve your credit score. Well changing it, doesn’t happen overnight [...]

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